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Prime Slim Forskolin Supplement Review

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Hello Everyone. The discussion today is about Prime Slim Forskolin Supplement.

A lot of people in the US are battling weight loss and other health diseases caused by excess cholesterol in the body.

There are so many methods and products that are recommended for weight loss with supplements being among the leading method used.

One of the popular supplements that have been used for a while and we can say that it is still winning is Forskolin supplements.


The supplements are made from an extract taken from the plant referred to as Indian Coleus which is grown in Thailand and is grouped in the family of the mint plants.

Indian Coleus plantTraditionally, Forskolin was used for treatment purposes where it was used to treat asthma and other heart-related ailments.

So, aside from helping you cut some pounds, this product can also assist in disease prevention.

Let’s take a look at how this product can help you out in different ways.

Also, you will see in some cases there are instances of noted side effects.

In all fairness, I will try to give you valuable information so that you can make an educated decision.


So far, there are many important health benefits such as:

• Used in the treatment of diabetes -. Forskolin is used in the treatment of diabetes due to its power in improving and increasing the growth of the cellular insulin. It also helps to reduce diabetes by suppressing the levels of the sugars in the blood.


The supplements reduce the blood sugar by minimizing the inflammation which causes diabetes to worsen.

As we all know, diabetes is usually caused by high levels of sugars in the blood, and lack of enough insulin can cause the disease to worsen.

So, these supplements work by increasing the levels of insulin and in return reduce the number of sugars in the body.

It may not heal diabetes completely, but it plays a significant role in the control of the diseases.

• Eye drops – A research was conducted as to when Forskolin is added to eye drops showed that the product helps to protect the eyes against Glaucoma.

This is because it works by reducing the intraocular pressure which is responsible for causing glaucoma.

• Treatment of asthma – As seen earlier, Forskolin was traditionally used for treating asthma, and it is still used to date in some parts of the world.

The supplement reduces the use of an inhaler by up to 90 percent as it works just like other drugs used for treating asthma.

It promotes the production of cyclic AMP responsible for relaxing the muscles around the bronchial tubes hence allowing a person to have an easy time when breathing.

• Weight loss – Forskolin has been linked to aiding in weight loss a couple of times, and some people have come forward to confirm the benefit of supplements while others refute its reliability.

One thing to note though is that our bodies respond differently when it comes to the use of supplements. Some people may find the supplements useful due to the changes it causes to the body while others may not experience any changes at all.

If you should decide to use this supplement, it is a good idea to keep a daily log of body weight, energy and any noticeable effects or changes in your body .


The supplement helps suppress appetite which in return helps you to reduce the amount of food you eat in a day.

It promotes the digestion process by “cleaning” the digestion system plus, it also promotes metabolism which results in increased fat burning process of the body.

Healthy fresh vegetable saladFor weight loss, it is advisable that you take the supplements before you eat your meals probably when you wake in the morning as this helps you control your eating habits. You can also take the supplements before you head to your workout.

The bottom line is Forskolin cannot work alone as a habit. So, eat healthy meals that are low in calories to prevent excess storage of fats in the body. Just as an example, before taking diabetic medication, you should always eat a meal. This is how you should use the supplement preferably along with a healthy fresh nutritious salad. Make sure your meal is low in calories.


There are a few side effects associated with the use of Forskolin, especially for the first time user. They include:

• You may experience fast heartbeats accompanied by low blood pressure. This mainly occurs to people who take the supplements through the IV.

• Some people have reported to experience respiratory issues after taking the supplements. Some of the respiratory side effects associated with taking Forskolin are; Irritation, cough, tremor, restlessness among others.

• Headaches are also common to some people, and lastly, you may feel itchiness or stinging feel around the eyes when you use it  as eye drops.

Nonetheless, Prime Slim Forskolin is highly recommended.  Oprah Winfrey with this supplement managed to lose 44 pounds which helped to improve her health. Trying this supplement of course is your decision.


Prime Slim Forskolin is a reliable supplement that is used in weight loss and the treatment of other health-threatening diseases. However   you do have to pay attention  to potential side effects.

Before you embark on using the supplements, make sure to consult a physician so he/she can advise you on the right dosage to take.

Please don’t forget this step. Tony Robbins said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you”ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

This step is mainly crucial if you are taking other medicines. Some medicines cannot be mixed with herbal supplements and you need the approval of a physician.

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