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“With BuiltBar Review – How can I stop eating chocolate?”

BuiltBar is an energy protein bar that comes in an assortment of flavors: coconut chocolate, mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, orange chocolate, lemon chocolate, vanilla chocolate and {my favorite} double chocolate mousse. How can I stop eating chocolate? The flavors taste just like they were picked from a fruit tree. Real fruit flavor and real chocolate […]

“Focus on Saving your life.”

There comes a time when you have to focus on saving your life – for you. And, it starts with you. TIME FOR HEALTH Finding the time to do what is necessary requires preparation and consistency of purpose. You may say, “I am just too busy with other things.” This is an unacceptable  excuse.  As […]

“7 prevention tips for your safety.”

Today, I am sharing with you my 7 prevention tips for your safety, because accidents can happen at any time especially when you are trying to save money by doing work for yourself at home. You can use these tips to prevent needless injuries that will change your plans and cost you more money than […]

It is time to Pay attention to Your Health.

Maxine from is here with you. Are you experiencing any symptoms that are causing you to worry like blurred vision, persistent pain, numbness in limbs, diarrhea, urinary frequency, shortness of breath, constipation and anything out of the ordinary? If so, the time is now to pay attention to your health before it is too […]

Think Prevention to Improve Health and Safety.

It is a known fact that some people spend their lives reacting to problems when they could have prevented them in the first place by making simple changes in their daily routine. Unless something is already wrong nobody knows what is going to happen to them, but you could surely safeguard yourself by developing a […]

“About Maxine”

Welcome to my website. Today I will share a little About Maxine. Happily,  I am here for your health and safety needs. My focus is to help you to use products and services that would help maintain or improve health and keep you and your family safe. I will write weekly blogs on various health […]