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Are Colon Polyps Cancerous?

Hey Everyone,

Are Colon Polyps Cancerous? Colon Polyps are tiny growths in the lining of the colon that are detected by a process referred to as colonoscopy. A physician called a gastroenterologist performs this procedure. If they are allowed to grow into larger polyps, they could become cancerous which is not very good for your health.

Early screening is advised at age 50 to find them at an early stage to reduce the progression towards a pre-cancerous stage.

We will briefly talk about what happens when they are found, factors you should focus on to reduce the likelihood of re-occurrences, what symptoms you should be looking for and my personal experience dealing with colon polyps. 

Let’s move forward to gain a better understanding.


When colon polyps are isolated, they are removed and tissue samples are sent to be evaluated by a pathologist in a professional laboratory like Health Labs to determine whether they are benign or malignant. A follow up visit to your physician will be scheduled to discuss the case results when they are ready.

Based on the results, your physician will provide you with the appropriate plan of care necessary to maintain your health moving forward. If the results are negative, benign tissues, then you won’t have to do another screening until the next 5 to 10 years. You still need to be monitored just to make sure they don’t come back again. 

Now, if the results are positive, malignant tissue, and depending on whether they are large polyps you may have to get chemotherapy and  complete another colonoscopy in about 3 years. Also, you need to change to a healthy lifestyle.


There are no real specified symptoms of colon polyps, but if you have hemorrhoids that cause rectal bleeding coupled with pain and irregular bowel movements, you should get yourself checked  out as soon as possible.

You physician will order 2 or more fecal tests as a process of elimination. However, if the tests are positive, then you will have to get a  colonoscopy to rule out colon polyps. 

The body gives off signals to let you know that it is in a state of dis- ease. It’s up to you to pay attention and do what is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Please don’t ignore signals.


While reading an article from Mayo Clinic, I learned about several areas you should  focus on to reduce the likelihood of colon polyps re-occurrences. Here are the areas below:

1/   Age

2/  Inflammation 

3/   Family history

4/   Tobacco and Alcohol

5/    Obesity and Lack of exercises

6/    Race

7/    Type 2 Diabetes

( Mayo Clinic, October 2019).

In other words, if you are a 50 year old African American who is smoking and drinking alcohol daily, with ulcers, a family history of cancer, obese and have type 2 diabetes, this is an unhealthy lifestyle. The opposite is better. However if your lifestyle is unhealthy you should get screened.

Most folks do not like to be tested or screened for anything. But, in this case early screening helps because it translates to early detection. This is the only way to detect colon polyps and prevent them   from literally taking over the colon and causing colectoral cancer.

With the advice of your physician, “Low doses of aspirin is sometimes recommended for prevention of colectoral cancer in adults 50-69.”
(WebMD – October, 2019)


Cancerous colon polyps are not a pretty sight. They come in a variety of shapes and they should be removed because they can cause death if left untreated. Take a look at the image in a definite stage of cancer below:

After viewing  this image, wouldn’t  you consider being screened for possible early detection of colon polyps? I am sure the answer is YES.
No worries. It’s a painless procedure. 

My Story with Glaring Red Flags

Have you ever had glaring red flags about your health and just decided to live in denial? That was me prior to my colonoscopy. I had bothersome hemorrhoids and was severely anemic for years. Yet, I insisted nothing was wrong.

Fortunately, I gained the courage to just go and get tested for “whatever they might find.”  I knew nothing was wrong. My family history with breast, lung and ovarian cancers had nothing to do with me. I had an answer for everything. But, I needed to be sure about my status one day out of the blue because then I was 54, African American and also suffering with Type 2 diabetes.

Well, I was rudely awakened when after a routine screening 3 small colon polyps were isolated and removed.  They were discovered to be benign which was a blessing. 

Just imagine if I didn’t do the colonoscopy,  they could have progressed further and cause problems for me later in life. I chose to take care of my health and won that time. Therefore, I made a solemn promise never to have that kind of attitude again when it involves my health.

That’s why I am encouraging everyone who are at least 50 years old to go for early screening because you can not prevent colectoral cancer unless you are screened.

Concluding Thoughts 

Are Colon Polyps Cancerous? Yes, if they are not removed and allowed to develop to a pre-cancerous stage. Regular screening can help to determine if they are present in the first place and save you from problems in the long run. 

We discussed important factors to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrences of polyps, if detected.  Paying attention to body signals is imperative to maintain your health. 

It is  is not only encouraged to have early screening but also to have a lifestyle that is healthy. Always remember that prevention is certainly better than finding a cure. 

Here’s a health tip for good nutrition:

• Cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline environment.  So, start eating alkaline foods.

Get Screened For Colon Polyps And Save Yourself From Colectoral Cancer.

Thank you for reading with me today. If this article is useful, you may leave a comment below. 

To good health,

Maxine 🙂

Coco Tortoise's Health Corner

Seek Positive Light.

Hello everyone,

Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner is sharing a simple poem called, “Seek Positive Light” written by  Coco. It reads like this: 

“We all live in this world together.

And challenges do get in the way

What should you do?

Keep focused and you’ll find a colorful ray.

Stand and accept where you are.

Then, Seek Positive Light which is truth.


‘Cause it’s there to be had.

If the trees know it,

Why don’t you?

Keep moving and growing tall by being persistent

And determined to achieve your goals.

It’s the best way to gain success.

Reach out always and Seek Positive Light.

Only then will your dreams come true.”  – Coco Tortoise

What Are You Dreaming For?

This poem came from my heart because after receiving news from my ophthalmologist I needed an outlet. Maybe it could help someone  who is feeling a bit under the weather or is having a health problem as I do and you just don’t know where to turn.

Here are some questions to consider:

1/  Could it be that the task of managing a health issue is getting worse?

2/  Could it be that you want to give up because of frustration and disappointment?

3/  Could it be that you are overwhelmed and feel a sense of helplessness?

4/  Could it be that what you are dreaming for seems impossible?

If any of your answers are yes, then I am here to tell you how to turn things around by having FAITH.

FAITH is what you are hoping or dreaming for. But it hasn’t happened yet.


Maybe one day with strategy is what you need to get over a hump.

F  –  follow and pray to God daily.

A  –  act with love and kindness.

I   –  inspire others to walk with God.

T  –  trust in God totally. 

H  –  have a spiritual journey with God.

I have no idea what your faith life looks like and that’s not important right now.  What’s important is you taking action and following my simple advice. Before trying anything, PRAY TO YOUR SUPER POWER/SOURCE ABOUT THE MATTER. 


Let me share a little story about what happened to my friend Tonia.

How Tonia Got Help.

Tonia was stranded far away from home with no job and no family. Life was very hard for her. But, She did the best with her scanty resoutces. She wanted to return home desperately. Four months away from her family, friends and home were so unbearable.

Tonia decided to visit the nearby cathedral for comfort daily around the same time. A beautiful lady visited then also and made friends with her. Their friendship blossomed like rays from the sunshine. 

“This is the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Something  good comes after months of misery.”

Hold on. There is more to the story.

Apparently, the lady’s  brother was suffering with an ailment for a long time.

Tonia offered  her herbal secrets that helped her brother’s ailment.

Now  can you guess how Tonia got help to go home?

Melon , the beautiful lady helped Tonia. That’s how having faith works.

This is one of many positive stories in the world. Many good things happen through people.

Concluding Thoughts

Today I shared Coco’s poem which is a message of faith very simple to understand. 

We also discussed  there’s always a way to make life better especially when you seek positive light. In most cases de-stressing helps to improve your health

Do you agree?

If you enjoyed reading with me, please leave a comment below. Your  feedback is much appreciated. 

Together we can make a difference.



healthy living matters

What Is The Importance Of Clean Water?

Hey Everyone,

What is the importance of clean water? Clean water is very important to our communities, health, and economy.

For example, water in wetlands and streams offer habitats for wildlife and fish, recharges groundwater supplies, traps floods and filters pollution.

Many of the people around the world do get their drinking from rivers and streams which are vulnerable to pollution.

Our life depends mainly on the water so that we can swim, surf, paddle, and fish. All these activities keep us happy and healthy. Imagine how it brings families together in a positive way.

Without clean water, our major economic activities such as energy production, recreation, tourism, farming, and manufacturing cannot flourish or function.

Furthermore, human beings can survive about 21 days without food, only if they are able to drink clean water. Others with serious medical conditions don’t make it.

It’s quite saddening that billions of people around the world do not have access to clean water. This is a serious issue and more needs to done in this area to help people out.

Rather than pointing fault at others, jump in and donate to a charitable cause.



How do you feel after drinking a glass of refreshing water? Or, after a water detox? Great!

Experts say clean water is healing since it has numerous health benefits such as:

Offers nourishment.

Clean water is an important part of nutrition which you should not ignore. Nutritionists have revealed that our bodies are made up of 60 % water: this indicates how important water is to our bodies.

As a human being, you are supposed to be hydrated adequately so that your physiological systems can function with efficiency.

Clean water also assists in ensuring good health of the organs and it also allows blood to maintain the consistency that it needs so as to flow in a free manner. This allows it to transport nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body.

Improves your mood.

Experts have revealed that dehydration is one of the things which can affect your ability to think and also your mood. When you are dehydrated you are likely to get anxiety, confusion and also fatigue.

Severe dehydration in your body can lead to other complications such as seizures, kidney failure and swelling in the brains. These can cause death.

Prevents diseases

Drinking contaminated water can lead to various types of diseases such as hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera.

It’s better to prevent diseases than to spend loads of money to cure them. In certain cases, some diseases are fatal.

Release of toxins

Safe, fresh and clean water also assists in getting rid of various types of toxins from the body. These toxins may be produced from the body reactions, outside sources and some can be due to the drinking of contaminated water.

Clean water is a wonderful detoxifier since it assists in removing toxins from the body through urine and sweat. It also improves the functioning of the kidneys and minimizes the occurrence of kidney stones by adulterating the minerals and salts which are the source of kidney stones.

Although we are advised of drinking a lot of water in day, experts says that excessive drinking of water may limit the ability of the kidneys to flush out the wastes.

Therefore it’s recommended that you drink about eight glasses of water in a day. You can also include other foods and fluids with high water content in your diet.

Assists in creating saliva

Water is one of the major component of saliva apart from enzymes, mucus, and electrolytes. Saliva is very vital as it assists in the breakdown of solid food and keeping your mouth healthy.

Regular intake of fluids helps the body to produce enough saliva. However, saliva production may decrease due to certain medication conditions or age.

In the case if you are drinking a lot of clean water but your mouth is still dry, then you should try and see the doctor.

Protects tissues, joints and spinal cord.

Consumption of clean water assists in lubricating and cushioning the tissues, joints and spinal cord.

This can help you to enjoy doing physical activities and minimize the discomfort which is caused by conditions such as arthritis.

Assists in weight loss

In case you wish to lose weight from your body you are advised to drink enough clean water. Water will make you feel full for long hours so you will eat less. Then, chances to loss pounds will increase.

Assists in keeping your skin bright

Drinking enough clean water will make your skin hydrated and can also promote the production of collagen.

However, water alone may not completely reduce the aging effects since this process is also associated with sun protection and genes. So, it makes sense to take care of yourself.

Personal hygiene

Even beyond drinking, recreation and habitats to animals and birds, clean water is also needed for personal hygiene.

For example, we need clean water so that we can bathe our bodies and flush our toilets so that we can eliminate hygienic diseases.

We also need clean water in washing our utensils, clothes and cleaning our houses.

Without clean water, we may suffer from so many diseases which are related to personal hygiene. Living germ free is a step closer to healthy living.

Survival of plants

All the plants including the plants that we eat and flowers which make our homes beautiful depend on clean water for their survival. Water prevents them from drying up and dying.

Many people who have access to water do ask themselves, “what is the importance of clean water?”,probably without a clue.

However for those who do have clean water and get a chance to read this guide will know precisely how important clean water is to our lives.

Thank you for reading with me today.

If you find this guide to be of value, please leave a comment below. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Until next time, STAY HYDRATED or STAY WATERED…..same thing. :-))

All the best,


healthy living matters


You can be asking yourself why you should eat alkaline foods, yet you have a balanced diet. That is an essential question because alkaline foods are beneficial, and thus it is essential to be knowledgeable about them. Also, you can be asking yourself what are alkaline foods and you would like to know where to buy them. An alkaline diet also referred to as alkaline acid foods diet is a mixture of unrelated foods that affect the body’s pH. If you keep eating acid-forming foods, you run the risk of unwanted weight gain and osteoporosis. Therefore, you have to balance this out by having an alkaline diet.

A food’s pH is not measured by its physical or chemical properties, but it is measured by the residue it leaves in the body. For example, a lemon is considered acidic because of its sour taste but it makes the body alkaline, and thus it is an alkaline food. Therefore foods have to be measured to determine if they are acidic or alkaline. This is done using the Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). PRAL measures food after being metabolized, and the results can be neutral, positive, or negative.

If the result of a particular food is negative after being metabolized in the body, then that food is alkaline. The scale measures the proteins, phosphorus, and minerals such as potassium and calcium remaining in the body after the particular type of food has been metabolized. On the PRAL scale, the acidic foods are meat and dairy products whereas those that are alkaline are fruits, some nuts and seeds, and vegetables Now that you have understood what are alkaline foods, let’s look at its benefits. This alkaline food review will tell you why you should eat alkaline foods.

They Prevent Cancer

A debate has been going on in the science field whereby some scientists think alkaline foods have nothing to do with cancer prevention while others believe they play a significant part. However, it was confirmed that cancerous cells survive in an acidic environment. Therefore, if you balance the blood’s pH by eating alkaline foods to create an alkaline environment, then the cells will not survive.

Healthy Bones

The acidic environment of the body has been linked to osteoporosis. Many people have a problem with their bone health, and they are susceptible to fractures. Fortunately, it was confirmed that alkaline foods encourage osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are cells which form new bones encouraging a healthy bone mass. Therefore people who eat alkaline foods are strong and healthy.

Lowers the Risk of Hypertension

Eating alkaline foods is essential as it reduces the risk of hypertension. The diet increases the production of hormones and inflammation. Therefore, they improve the cardiovascular health which in turn lowers the risk of high blood pressure also called hypertension.

Increases Magnesium in the body

The deficiency of magnesium is a problem for the body. Fortunately, this is not the case if you are eating alkaline food. After being metabolized, alkaline foods leave sufficient levels of magnesium in the body. Magnesium maintains the normal functioning of the muscle, improves heartbeat, and keeps bones healthy. Therefore, the mineral is important in the body.

Vitamin Absorption

If you are among the why eat alkaline food group, then it is vital to know that alkaline foods enhance vitamin absorption. The primary reason why alkaline foods improve the health of bones is that they boost vitamin D absorption from foods. This also applies in all other vitamins. If you have a plate made of 70% alkaline foods the vitamins present in your protein and carbohydrate foods will be absorbed in higher amounts.

Maintains Healthy Weight

If you continuously eat acidic foods, you can be rest assured that you are going to add unwanted weight. Alkaline foods maintain normal body levels of leptin and reduce inflammation, and thus they work to prevent obesity. As mentioned earlier meat products are acidic foods, and therefore if you keep eating meat and products, you will add unwanted weight. You should eat more fruits and vegetables as you will still feel satisfied and have a healthy weight.

Great Source of Antioxidants

Most acidic foods do not provide the body with sufficient antioxidants. On the other hand, an alkaline diet is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that protect the cells from free radicals. Free radicals are produced by stress, exposure to the sun, and during aging. Therefore, it is important to have antioxidants in the body because free radicals can cause heart diseases breakouts and wrinkles on the skin.

The major examples of alkaline vegetables include spinach, kales, broccoli, cucumber, mushroom, celery, sweet potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, swiss chard, and beet greens. Examples of nuts include hazelnuts. Fruits include apples, raisins, strawberries, cherries, watermelon, pineapple, pears, kiwi, avocado, dates, and lemons. These foods can be obtained in any grocery store at affordable prices. All raw foods are alkaline, but cooking lessens their alkalinity. However, you don’t need to go around eating raw foods because the foods mentioned above can be cooked and maintain their alkalinity. However, you should try eating raw fruits and some vegetables in salads. Juicing is also essential as it helps you get all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Concluding Thoughts

It is essential to eat alkaline foods to obtain all the mentioned benefits. Therefore, if you were asking yourself why you should eat alkaline foods, now you have the answer.

On top of the answer, you have gained enough knowledge of alkaline foods and how the alkalinity is measured. Ensure your plate has a significant amount of vegetables and fruits then a bit of proteins and carbohydrates.

It is vital to eat a balanced diet, but it is wise to ensure your balanced diet contains foods that are going to be good for your body after being metabolized. Other than avoiding acidic foods, you should also avoid certain behaviors which increase the acidity of the body. 

Some of these behaviors include tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, being stressed, high caffeine intake, over-exercise, lack of exercise, artificial sweeteners, exposure to radiation, and antibiotic overuse. Being healthy requires knowledge and dedication.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comment area below. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 

Until next time, enjoy eating alkaline foods.

Blessings always,


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Best Juices For Detox With Nature.

Many people would like to live healthily by detoxing. It is important to detox as it removes toxins from your body, promotes weight loss, and improves your health. However, most people are starving themselves to achieve this. Before thinking of starving, you can try using juices to detox. Therefore, you don’t stop eating but you replace whole foods that are full of fats and sugars with fruit and vegetable juices. There are various best juices for detox containing nutrients that nourish the body while getting rid of toxins.

Carrot Apple Juice

Carrot apple juice is an excellent juice if you want to lose weight. Carrot is a good source of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. Moreover, carrots contain potassium and vitamin K. When mixed with Pineapples, the juice is sweet. The juice is made using:

2 large carrots

¼ can of pineapple chunks

1 large apple (quartered). Buy firm apples to ensure the juice is clear.

2 pieces of ginger es

Blend all ingredients together.

The Red Zinger Juice

This juice is best for breakfast. It is a good way to start your day in a nutritious way. The juice is sweet and provides you with vitamin C, manganese, iron, potassium, and folate. The ingredients of the red zinger breakfast juice are:

2 beets.                   

2 apples

2 carrots

2 lemons

Put them  together in a juicer

Orange Detox Juice

Oranges are among the top fruits which make the best juices for detox. The orange detox juice is vital as it provides the body with vitamin C. The juice is also mixed with pears which provide copper, vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. Celery is also used in the juice meaning the juice a good antioxidant. Celery contains beta carotene, flavonoids, and vitamin C. A sweet potato is added to the mixture as it is a good source of beta carotene and it is rich in minerals such as calcium, selenium, iron, and vitamin B and C. The juice is made of:

1 peeled orange

2 medium pears

2 medium apples.               

3 stalks celery

1 sweet potato

Put all the ingredients together in a juicer.

Anti-Inflammatory Juice

Detoxing also involves reducing inflammation and that is why it is essential to include an anti-inflammatory juice in your diet. The juice is made using:




It is not easy to eat turmeric as it can be bitter that is why juicing it with sweet fruits is the way to go. Turmeric contains curcumin, an important anti-inflammatory compound. Pineapple contains bromelain which helps to reduce inflammation. Watermelon contains l-citrulline which helps the muscle recover after inflammation.

Blend all the ingredients together.

Green Detox Juice

The green juice is the ultimate detox juice that is prepared in many houses. The juice is a balance of fruits and vegetables which provide the body with a wide range of nutrients. Many people use this detox juice after holidays or parties. Apples are added to add taste, but if you like it less sweet you can eliminate apples from the juice. The ingredients used are:

8 kale leaves

3 stalk celery (without the leaves)

1 cucumber

1 piece of fresh ginger

2 green apples, cut in half (optional)

Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy your juice.

Green Apple Juice

The green apple juice is made of:

3 medium green apples (quartered)

2 stalks celery(with the leaves)

1 peeled lemon

1 cubic ginger root (optional)

This juice is sweet and nutritious. The green apples are packed with antioxidants and vitamins which benefit the detoxification process. Celery stalks together with the leaves regulate the alkaline balance of the body and they are rich in vitamin A. Also, studies have shown that celery contains luteolin which is a flavonoid that fights cancer.

Hot Lemon Ginger

Lemon is one of the best fruits which speed up detoxification. Lemons cleanse the blood, help in digestion, fight free radicals including flu and cold, and reduce inflammation. Ginger is a good solution for nausea as it soothes the intestinal tract, fights against cancer and boosts your immunity. This detox juice is made using:

2 organic lemons (with pulp)

2 tablespoons of juiced ginger root

2 cups of hot water

1 tablespoon of honey (raw)

Blend the lemons and mix it with the ginger juice and hot water. Then add the honey bit by bit until all is dissolved.

Allergy-Fighting Green Detox Juice

Pineapple, lemon, and grapes contain allergy-fighting vitamin C. These fruits are important if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Parsley is also added to the juice as it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin A, iron, and folate. The allergy-fighting detox juice is composed of:

1 cup pineapple

1 lemon

1 cup grapes (seedless)

1/2cup parsley

1 cucumber

1 apple

1 sprig of mint (optional)

All the ingredients are blended at once to get the juice.

Alkaline Boost

After eating unhealthy foods and the body is full of acidity, it is important to boost the alkaline level of the body. The alkaline boost juice helps to neutralize the acidity in the body caused by the food or at times by stress. The juice is made using:

½ cucumber

2 stalks celery

1 cup of lettuce

1green apple

½ lime

1 broccoli

Cucumber is high in alkaline magnesium, vitamin K, and calcium. Also, it has a high level of water and alkaline potassium which help to boost the alkaline level of the body. Celery stalk is a good alkaline food which helps boost the immune system. Lettuce is used in any recipe to boost its alkalinity. Lime is a natural alkaline. Lime and cucumber are added in water mostly in restaurants to make it alkaline. Broccoli is rich in magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B6, C, and K. Therefore it is a good addition to your alkaline food.

Concluding thoughts

Juicing is important and it enormously helps with detoxification. Detox juices are widely used because they help lower cholesterol, promote weight loss, help detox the liver, lower blood sugar levels, feed good bacteria in the gut, improve skin appearance, and improve nutrient absorption. 

These best detox juices are healthy for our body and they are affordable than nutrient supplements in the market. 

Use detox juices to achieve a high-quality detoxification result.

If you have any questions or concerns,  please leave them below in the comments areas, they will be addressed. Also please take advantage of links provided to achieve positive results 

Until next time, have a blessed Easter Holiday Season.

Blessings always


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Can Eye Exercises Improve Vision?

Beautiful eye

Hey everyone, 

Today we are going to zoom in on an important  question about eyes and exercise. This is information that can help you to keep your eyes healthy. Pay close attention as the discussion develops and feel freeto ask question in the end.

Let us begin straight away. 

Can eye exercises improve vision? Are we stuck with the quality of vision we have or is there anything we can do to help us prevent deterioration of our eyesight with age? This is a popular topic, which is still controversial up to today. Scientists and opticians have different opinions on the effectiveness of eye exercises and other natural remedies, and till today, there’s little scientific evidence that suggests eye exercises work. However, there are certain exercises that we can do to prevent eye strain and make us feel better.

How Do Eye Exercises Prevent Eye Strain?

Performing eye exercises will probably not enhance your eyesight, but it can go a long way in increasing your eye comfort, especially if you usually spend a better part of your day behind a computer.

Increased computer usage or television watching, both at home and at work, can lead to a condition known as digital eye strain. This condition causes dry eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, and headache. Eye exercises can help you with digital eye strain symptoms and make you feel much better.

So to answer the question, ” can eye exercises improve vision?”, below are three simple eye exercises that you can do daily to prevent eye strain.

1. Blinking

Do you know that blinking regularly can help your eyes feel and see better? Your eyes need moisture to see better and blinking is a natural way to keep your eyes moist. Blinking also allows you to focus longer and keep your eyes refreshed.

Television users and computer users tend to blink less, especially when they are reading or writing something. This causes the eyes to dry up and lead to eye strain.

So how does blinking keep your eyes moist? Your eyelids are like windshield wipers of your eyeballs! Every time you blink, the tarsal glands at the rim of your eyelids produce an oily substance known as meibum that cleanses your eyes. Because of this vital function, this exercise can help prevent eye strain.

How to perform the blinking exercise;

– Sit comfortably with your eyes open and blink every 3 to 4 seconds. Once you have completed the exercise, you will feel that your eyes relaxed and less strained and tired.

2.  Palming

This is another simple eye exercise that you can do at home or work to help relieve stress and eye strain. The best time to perform this eye exercise is during breaks from your computer or television.

How to do the palming eye exercise;

– Sit comfortably on your chair and lean forward onto your work desk. You can also place your elbows on your knees if you don’t have a desk.

– Rub the palms of your hands vigorously till they are warm and gently place them on your closed eyes. Let the warmth of your palms transfer to your eyelids, as you feel your eyes relax in darkness.

– Keep the palms on your eyelids until you feel your palms are no longer warm.

– Repeat this exercise at least three times a day during your breaks.

Your eyes will absorb the heat on your palms and make them relax. This will relieve the muscle strain caused by prolonged staring at a digital screen.

3.  Near and far focusing

This advantage of this eye exercise is that you can perform it almost anywhere. You can also perform it without drawing attention from those around you.

How to do the exercise;

– Sit comfortably on your chair and hold your thumb about 10 inches in front of your face. Focus on it for about 15 seconds.

– Now find an object about 10 to 20 feet from your where you are seated and focus on it for another 15 seconds.

– Switch your focus from the 10-20 feet object to your thumb in front of you. Repeat this five times.

Performing this simple exercise will strengthen your eye muscles and improve focus.


So, can eye exercises  improve vision? The answer is yes – they can prevent and relieve eye strain and help you have a better eye focus. So don’t let the use of modern digital devices such as computers damage your eyes. You don’t have to quit your job because it involves prolonged staring at a digital screen. Instead, use the above simple eye exercises to strengthen your eyes and prevent digital eye strain. 

Lastly, ensure you visit your doctor when you see your vision deteriorating. Don’t  let your eyes get to the point where surgery becomes necessary,  if you could help it.

There are some instances when it can not be avoided if you have cataracts that have growth patterns you can not control unil they are removed. The best option is to always make sure to get your annual or biannual vision check up from your doctor.

I mentioned a visit to the doctor twice and I am mentioning it again because rhis is very important.  Take this advice from someone who knows about suffering with eye issues.

I am preparing a special blog to share my journey with glaucoma and how I almost lost my vision. Precious sight is a gift and without it, life will be very hard. So, take care of your eyes not tomorrow TODAY!

It was a pleasure sharing with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below in the comment area, they will be answered. 

One more question. For those with eye issues what supplement do you use to inprove the overall health of your eyes. I amm doing a mini survey and would love to know what is trending.

Thank you kindly for reading with me today. Have a great day!

Blessings always 


healthy living matters


Why healthy living matters? This is a question with many answers.

You know that eating well, regular exercising, and low consumption of alcohol and other harmful substances matters, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?


We all want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it is usually a challenge since temptations are everywhere.

Lack of time for exercises, a rise in the number of fast food restaurants, and influence from friends are some of the challenges that many people face in trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

We understand that healthy habits are hard to develop. However, if you are willing to make a sacrifice for the sake of your well-being, we have some facts to convince you that healthy living matters.

Prevents Diseases

Adopting a healthy lifestyle has long-term health benefits, including combating certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and stroke.

In the short-term, improving your lifestyle will increase your cardiovascular activity and help you avoid fatigue.

Eating well and regular exercising can also defend you against depression, stabilize your mood, and sharpen your memory.

It may not be easy to exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and other drugs, and minimize the intake of certain foods.

However, knowing that getting the diseases mentioned above will be a result of your current lifestyle may help you realize that healthy living matters.

Controls Weight

Eating right and regular exercising can also help you avoid excessive weight gain and is essential to reaching your weight-loss goals.

Lack of money and time may be your reason for not going to the gym, but the good news is that you can lose weight in a safe, inexpensive, and realistic fashion by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week- including swimming, cycling, jogging, or playing basketball – you will burn the calories you consume and cut your weight significantly. Choose the exercises you love and do them with enjoyment.

If you have a super-busy schedule, try the simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Thinking about your weight may also motivate you to limit the consumption of alcohol and sugary beverages. Keeping a picture of a slimmer you on the refrigerator is a constant reminder of why you need to eat well. This is what I do and it works.

Improves Longevity

Knowing that healthy habits may increase your life expectancy by a decade or more may be what you need to convince you that healthy living matters.

By exercising regularly, eating right, drinking moderate alcohol, and keeping a healthy body weight, you will add healthy years to your life. These additional years are more time to accomplish your goals and to spend time with your loved ones.

While your genes determine your longevity to some extent, it is important to realize that your behaviors and attitudes account for more than 70 percent of your life expectancy.

We are pretty sure that looking forward to spending more years with your loved ones will motivate you to start living a healthy lifestyle. We may not guarantee you a healthy life, but we can tell you that enough exercise, eating well, and low consumption of harmful substances can do a lot for you. Honestly, this is the gospel truth in a nutshell. This can not be said any clearer.


Concluding Thoughts

Why healthy living matters? We discussed how it prevents diseases, controls weight and improves longevity which shoud increase your chance for a healthy lifestyle and improve your self worth.

You may not change you behavior and mindset overnight, but once you realize the benefits of breaking bad habits, you will your own witness that healthy living matters. And  you will be happier for adopting a healthier life style.

Just to let you know. We did a mini survey 50 participants here in the Virgin Islands. 100% of the the participants said, ” Yes, healthy living matters.” What do you think?

Do you think the whys are good reasons ?

This discussion does not have to stop here. You can expand the discussion if you place your thoughts in the comment area below.They are certainly welcome and will be appreciated.

Until next time, make it a great week! YOUR HEALTH DEPENDS ON IT.

Blessings always,


healthy living matters


Hey everyone,

Today we are going to talk a bit about exercises that are great for your health.

Everyone wants to stay healthy, but not everyone wants to go to the gym, which leaves most people with the question, “How do I stay fit without going to the gym?”

Well, depending on whom you ask, the answer to such a question may vary, but there is one thing you need to know.

It’s not necessary that you visit the gym so you can exercise to stay healthy.

There are several exercises you can make use of and still achieve your desired degree of fitness. These “workouts” work wonders and have a variety of benefits such as improving range of motion and balance, protecting your joints, strengthening your bones, and more:

1. Walking

Walking seems to be a normal activity for most people, but you should not underrate its importance at all. It’s a simple, but significantly powerful activity that has endless benefits such as lifting your mood, helping you maintain the right blood pressure, lowering risk of various diseases, keeping you slim, and more.

There are even some studies that have shown that walking can help your memory improve as well as prevent memory loss. The good thing about walking as an exercise is that it is safe, enjoyable, and inexpensive most of the times.

All you need is a pair of well-fitting, comfortable shoes, and you will be good to go.

Start with short distances and then increase over time. Therefore, if your grocery store is not some distance away, consider walking rather than using your car.

You can ever save some significant gas money with time and use it for something else.

2. Swimming

Swimming can be referred to as the perfect workout since it gives you most of the cardiovascular health that you need in addition to putting less stress on your joints and bones.

The buoyancy of water when swimming plays a major role in making it easier to move your joints and body in general. This makes it beneficial for people who are a little overweight when starting, as well as individuals with joint issues such as arthritis.

In addition to that, research has it that swimming results in a better mental state, putting you in a good mood, which is a good thing for your overall health. You can, as well, interchange swimming with water aerobics which is a similar exercise to stay healthy.

3. Tai Chi to The Rescue

Also referred to as “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that requires you to put into practice a series of slow rhythmic body movements in addition to deep breathing and concentration.

You have to be as relaxed as you can to transition smoothly from one movement to the next, which is where the phrase “meditation in motion” comes from. 

This is considered a lovely exercise for your body and mind, as well as heart health, to some extent.

4. Kegel Exercises

These exercises have often been thought to help you look better by giving you the figure you have desired for a long time.

While that may not work as you expect, they do something equally important which is strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that support your bladder.

This helps with incontinence in men and women alike, which is a good thing for your health.To do this exercise the right way, squeeze the muscles that you use when preventing gas or urine from being passed.

Keep the muscles that way for roughly three seconds, and then let them relax, and be sure to relax them completely after the contraction.

You can do four or five sets of this exercise daily, repeating the process 10 times for each set.

5. Strength Training

Strength training is commonly believed to bulk up muscles, but that is not the case. The exercise should not bulk up your muscles but will keep them strong over time.

With more muscle mass in your body, you should be in a position to burn more calories hence maintain your weight easily. If you choose to go the strength training way, however, consider learning the proper form of such an exercise to avoid injuring your body.

For a weight training program, start light by ensuring that you can lift the weights of your choice 10 times without struggling. After some weeks, you can choose slightly heavier weight if you can comfortably lift the weights 12 times or more, and go on till you reach your limit.


Going to the gym so you can exercise to stay healthy has a range of benefits, but that doesn’t mean that you can not stay fit if you don’t visit a gym regularly.

Most of the things that you do for fun or as work, such as raking your yard among other activities, can be a good form of exercise to keep your body fit.

You can be an ‘active’ individual by engaging in any aerobic exercise for not less than 30 minutes daily and topping that up with 2 days of strength training each week.

As you know, what we discussed here are positive suggestions of exercises for you to follow.

Be creative and come up with others. The one thing we would share with you is to consult your physician if you plan to do strenuous exercises.

It’s all about doing exercise to stay healthy not to hurt you.

In the future, we will be discussing special eye exercises for those who have eye conditions. We are doing the research for this topic. If there is any topic that interest you, please let us know.

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Thank you and have a lovely day!

Blessings always


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Prime Slim Forskolin Supplement Review

Prime Slim Forskolin Supplement <

Hello Everyone. The discussion today is about Prime Slim Forskolin Supplement.

A lot of people in the US are battling weight loss and other health diseases caused by excess cholesterol in the body.

There are so many methods and products that are recommended for weight loss with supplements being among the leading method used.

One of the popular supplements that have been used for a while and we can say that it is still winning is Forskolin supplements.


The supplements are made from an extract taken from the plant referred to as Indian Coleus which is grown in Thailand and is grouped in the family of the mint plants.

Indian Coleus plantTraditionally, Forskolin was used for treatment purposes where it was used to treat asthma and other heart-related ailments.

So, aside from helping you cut some pounds, this product can also assist in disease prevention.

Let’s take a look at how this product can help you out in different ways.

Also, you will see in some cases there are instances of noted side effects.

In all fairness, I will try to give you valuable information so that you can make an educated decision.


So far, there are many important health benefits such as:

• Used in the treatment of diabetes -. Forskolin is used in the treatment of diabetes due to its power in improving and increasing the growth of the cellular insulin. It also helps to reduce diabetes by suppressing the levels of the sugars in the blood.


The supplements reduce the blood sugar by minimizing the inflammation which causes diabetes to worsen.

As we all know, diabetes is usually caused by high levels of sugars in the blood, and lack of enough insulin can cause the disease to worsen.

So, these supplements work by increasing the levels of insulin and in return reduce the number of sugars in the body.

It may not heal diabetes completely, but it plays a significant role in the control of the diseases.

• Eye drops – A research was conducted as to when Forskolin is added to eye drops showed that the product helps to protect the eyes against Glaucoma.

This is because it works by reducing the intraocular pressure which is responsible for causing glaucoma.

• Treatment of asthma – As seen earlier, Forskolin was traditionally used for treating asthma, and it is still used to date in some parts of the world.

The supplement reduces the use of an inhaler by up to 90 percent as it works just like other drugs used for treating asthma.

It promotes the production of cyclic AMP responsible for relaxing the muscles around the bronchial tubes hence allowing a person to have an easy time when breathing.

• Weight loss – Forskolin has been linked to aiding in weight loss a couple of times, and some people have come forward to confirm the benefit of supplements while others refute its reliability.

One thing to note though is that our bodies respond differently when it comes to the use of supplements. Some people may find the supplements useful due to the changes it causes to the body while others may not experience any changes at all.

If you should decide to use this supplement, it is a good idea to keep a daily log of body weight, energy and any noticeable effects or changes in your body .


The supplement helps suppress appetite which in return helps you to reduce the amount of food you eat in a day.

It promotes the digestion process by “cleaning” the digestion system plus, it also promotes metabolism which results in increased fat burning process of the body.

Healthy fresh vegetable saladFor weight loss, it is advisable that you take the supplements before you eat your meals probably when you wake in the morning as this helps you control your eating habits. You can also take the supplements before you head to your workout.

The bottom line is Forskolin cannot work alone as a habit. So, eat healthy meals that are low in calories to prevent excess storage of fats in the body. Just as an example, before taking diabetic medication, you should always eat a meal. This is how you should use the supplement preferably along with a healthy fresh nutritious salad. Make sure your meal is low in calories.


There are a few side effects associated with the use of Forskolin, especially for the first time user. They include:

• You may experience fast heartbeats accompanied by low blood pressure. This mainly occurs to people who take the supplements through the IV.

• Some people have reported to experience respiratory issues after taking the supplements. Some of the respiratory side effects associated with taking Forskolin are; Irritation, cough, tremor, restlessness among others.

• Headaches are also common to some people, and lastly, you may feel itchiness or stinging feel around the eyes when you use it  as eye drops.

Nonetheless, Prime Slim Forskolin is highly recommended.  Oprah Winfrey with this supplement managed to lose 44 pounds which helped to improve her health. Trying this supplement of course is your decision.


Prime Slim Forskolin is a reliable supplement that is used in weight loss and the treatment of other health-threatening diseases. However   you do have to pay attention  to potential side effects.

Before you embark on using the supplements, make sure to consult a physician so he/she can advise you on the right dosage to take.

Please don’t forget this step. Tony Robbins said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you”ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

This step is mainly crucial if you are taking other medicines. Some medicines cannot be mixed with herbal supplements and you need the approval of a physician.

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Simple Healthy Vegetable Recipes.


Hello Everyone,

Today, I will be sharing simple healthy vegetable  recipes  to help you out.

Vegetables  are good for you because they are good source of nutrients and fiber.

Most most people do not really like to eat vegetables in their raw state, which retains the nutrients and is better for you. There are some though that require cooking to make them more palatable.

The vegetables that I have selected to showcase in recipes are those you probably would not eat raw like spinach,  broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes.

These recipes were taken from the “Old-Fashioned Family Cookbook” by Clarice L. Moon.

Those selected were tried by me and they are really very tasty.

The only thing is that I subsituted butter where it calls for margarine and coconut oil/olive oil where it calls for vegetable oil.


Real butter, preferably from grass fed cows, coconut and olive oil are very high in saturated  fats which raises the good HDL cholesterol in your body lowering the risk for cardiac issues.

You should always be mindful of what you are about to eat. Taking care to make additions, substitutions or deletions as you see fit.  Remember these vegetable recipes are just suggestions. Taking it a bit further, sometimes I add other spices for a more exotic taste.

Let’s take a look at all 7 of them. I have one for each day of the week.



2  c. chopped spinach, cooked and drained

  2. T. grated cheese

  2. T. melted butter

   1  c. bread crumbs 

   2.     eggs

.1/4 c. water

1/3 t. pepper

1/2 t. salt

1/4 c. margarine

.        Bread crumbs

Combine spinach, cheese,  butted, bread

crumbs and 1 beaten egg. Roll into balls

TO other egg  add water and seasonings

and beat. DIP spinach balls into additional

bread crumbs. Brown balls on both sides

in margarine.  Serves 4.



   1   bunch fresh broccoli

   2   T.  butter

   2   T.  minced onion

1/4  t.  pepper

1/2  t.  dry mustard

1/2. c.  grated Parmesan  cheese

1/2  t.  salt

1/4. t.  marjoram

   3   T.  flour

.  1.   chicken bouillon cube

.   2  c.  milk

     2  T.  grated Parmesan cheese

.    1  t.  paprika

Cook broccoli  in boiling salted water until

tender. Drain. Arrange broccoli in a shallow

greased baking dish. Melt butter in a sauce-

pan. Add onion and saute over low heat until

tender. Blend in seasonings and flour.  Add

bouillon cube and milk. Cook over medium 

heat, stirring constantly,  until the mixture

thickens and comes to a boil. Add  cheese 

and stir well, until melted. Pour sauce over

broccoli. Sprinkle with paprika and additional 

Parmesan cheese. Bake in a 375° oven for 20

to 25 minutes or until browned. Serves 4 to 6.




1  1/2. lbs. sweet potatoes 

    1/3   c.  butter

    2/3    c.  honey

.                Salted water

Scrub sweet potatoes  and cut into quarters. 

Place in a stewing kettle. Cover with salted 

water and boil until almost done, about 30

minutes. Drain; cool slightly. Remove skins

and slice crosswise in 1/2- inch slices. Place

in a 1 1/2- quart buttered casserole.  Mix

honey and butter together. Bake in a 350°

oven for 20 to 25 minutes  or until lightly 

browned. Serves 4 to 6.



2  c. fresh snow peas

.    Water to cover

1.  t.  salt

1   4- oz can mushroom bits and pieces

2. T.  melted butter 

Cook fresh snow peas in salted water to cover

for 20 minutes or until tender. Add drained

mushrooms.  Mix well. Heat through. Drain.

Pour into warm serving dish. Pour melted

butter over peas. Serve hot. Serves 4.



2  c.  fresh tomatoes

1  t. salt

1. T.  butter

1/2  t. pepper

Combine tomatoes, seasonings and butter

in a saucepan. Bring to boil. Serve hot.

Serves 4.



1.  head cauliflower

1   t.  salt

     Water to cover

3.  T. margarine 

3/4 c.  bread crumbs

Soak cauliflower in salted cold water, head 

down for 30 minutes. Rinse in clear water.

Place in kettle. Add salt and enough water to

cover. Simmer slowly  for 20 to 30 minutes,

until tender but still firm. Drain. Carefully 

remove cauliflower to a warm serving dish.

Melt margarine in saucepan  or small skillet 

and mix with bread crumbs.  Heat through. 

but do not burn. Pour over cauliflower and

serve hot. Serves 6


2   medium sized eggplants

1   c.  vegetable oil

2.   6-oz. cans tomato paste

2.    c. water

1/2  c. grated Parmesan cheese

1      3-oz. can mushrooms

1.      lb. mozzarella cheese

Peel eggplant and slice into 1/3- inch slices.

Fry in oil until slightly browned.  Drain on

Paper towels.Cover bottom of a 13 x 9 x2-

Inch buttered pan with a layer of eggplant

sliced. Combine tomato paste and water,

mixing well. Pour over eggplant. Sprinkle

with Parmesan cheese, mushrooms and

mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers, ending

with mozzarella cheese. Bake in a 400°

oven for 20 minutes on until cheese is

bubbly. Makes 10 servings.


The credit for all 7 of these simple healthy vegetable recipes goes to Clarice. L. Moon. In her recipe book, “Old-Fashioned Family Cookbook,  she also has other sections for appetizers and beverages, salads and dressings, meals and  main dishes, quick breads and yeast breads, cakes and frostings, pies and pie crust, candies, cookies and desserts.

If you’re starting out in the cooking arena, it’s really very handy  and quite economical. You should be able to pick up a copy for about $5 from
At the time of publishing, there were limited copies available. However, if needed you can select another great buy.


Just as others use a cookbook to learn how to cook,  I am using these simple healthy vegetable recipes as sn introduction to help you eat vegetables.

Eating vegetables have to start somehow because they are good for you. Bringing them here is a chance for you to get started.  I have done my part by trying to open your appetite for them. You can use these recipes or find others to your liking.

Happy Cooking and Enjoy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below in the comment area, they will be answered.

Until next time, have a vegetable day.