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Wilma the Wishful Whisperer.

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Wilma the Wishful Whisperer (Cover image: Wilma the Wishful Whisperer among fragrant blossoms on Mount Eagle)

Dear readers,

Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner is sharing a heartfelt story for our beautiful readers who have supported us throughout the previous year. Thank you so much!

Without much ado, let the story begin about a favorite magical soul, Wilma:

In the enchanting ìsland of St. Croix, where the sea sang lullabies to the palm trees and the sun painted the sky in hues of tangerine, lived Wilma the Wishful Whisperer. She resided in a quaint cottage adorned with seashells and dreams, nestled on the outskirts of the vibrant Christiansted town.

Wilma possessed a unique gift—she could weave wishes into the gentle whispers of the Caribbean breeze. Every evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, she would ascend the winding path to Mount Eagle , the island’s mystical peak.

Legends spoke of the magic that lingered there, and Wilma believed it to be the perfect place to send wishes into the universe. On her way to the highest point of St. Croix, Wilma would collect the dreams of the day, listening to the laughter of children playing by the shore, the rustle of palm leaves sharing secrets, and the rhythm of the waves carrying tales from distant lands. Each whisper carried a wish, a hope, or a silent desire.

At Mount Eagle, with the stars beginning to twinkle overhead, Wilma would stand among the fragrant blossoms and gaze out at the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea.

Wilma the Wishful Whisperer

As she closed her eyes, she would softly whisper the wishes into the breeze, letting them dance on the tropical air.

Children from 5 to 95 would visit Wilma’s cottage, drawn by the stories of dreams coming true. They would share their wishes with Wilma, and she, in turn, would add them to the symphony of whispers that played around her.

Rumor had it that the sea turtles and dolphins were the messengers of Wilma’s wishes, carrying them to the corners of the ocean. Each wave that kissed the shores of St. Croix echoed tales of dreams fulfilled, a testament to the magic that Wilma, the Wishful Whisperer, wove into the fabric of the island.

As the moon cast its silvery glow over Mount Eagle, Wilma would descend from the peak, leaving behind a trail of stardust. The island, wrapped in the magic of whispered wishes, slept peacefully, knowing that dreams were being carried on the gentle arms of the Caribbean wind.

And so, the legend of Wilma the Wishful Whisperer continued, as she whispered hope and dreams into the night, ensuring that St. Croix remained a haven for wishes, where the young and old could find solace in the mysterious beauty of the island and the enchanting tales carried by the breeze.

The End

We wish you many blessings, good health, and peace as you journey throughout 2024. Stand firm on what you believe in.. Remember your dreams and wishes will come true if you have the kind of faith that moves mountains.

Thank you for reading!

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Happy New Year 2024 zing- Wilma the Wishful Whisperer

Blessings always,

Maxine ✨️✨️

2 replies on “Wilma the Wishful Whisperer.”

Good evening! What a magical setting you’ve shared. Here is a wish crafted especially for Wilma:

To Wilma, the weaver of dreams in the Caribbean’s embrace,

As the sun kisses the sea goodnight, beneath the sky’s violet lace,
May your steps on Mount Eagle’s path be light, as stars start to trace,
The outlines of dreams you weave, in the night’s serene space.

In every whisper of the gentle breeze, as it dances with grace,
May your wishes find their wings, in an endless, celestial chase.
For you, who speaks in the language of winds and seas’ interlace,
May the cosmos echo your wishes, in its vast, starry embrace.

May the twilight skies listen closely, to your heart’s sweet soliloquy,
And in return, gift you moments, as vast and deep as the sea.
For every wish you send into the night, with love’s alchemy,
May a thousand more return to you, in joyful harmony.


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