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A real remedy when financial fix affects health

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Today, I will discuss how health and finances affect each other. When you find yourself in a financial fix, you need to know when the help offered is real, how you got in this situation in the first place, how your health could be affected how to find a real remedy to help improve your finances and health.

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Today, I will discuss how health and finances affect each other. When you find yourself in a financial fix, you need to know when the help offered is real, how you got in this situation in the first place, how your health could be affected how to find a real remedy to help improve your finances and health.


Life and its struggles are not always above board and you need some financial help to find your footing.

The hardest thing to do is to ask someone who will right from the beginning judge you and then tell you what you should do or what you will do with the help asked for.

How does that make you feel?

Well, I could certainly answer for you – not to good, right?

Not only that, when they know that they are probably your last resort to solve your financial fix, they string you along. This is one of the most disingenuous act one person could ever do to another. Why people do it is beyond my imagination.

Have you ever been strung along?

Probably yes, and yet, you swallow what’s left of your pride and still ask for help anyway because of the situation. You may have to answer a barrage of questions like, “When am I getting it back?”or “How are you going to spend it?” as if you are being interrogated for a crime. This is ridiculous!

Deep down inside, you may feel like a jerk and want to crawl into an oyster’s shell to hide from the shame of being in this position.

You asked and agreed to term which floated out of somewhere, made nice so that they wouldn’t change their minds and promised to clean their dusty windows, something that you probably don’t do for yourself. Again, this is ridiculous.

When you find yourself in a position of need and you have to be judged, accept out-of-the-way terms and feel debased, this help is not real. It is not from the heart.

When help is given from the heart, it is without judging, without conditions and without a feeling of despair.


For the most part, life involves fielding many curve balls. Let’s take a look at events that could happen. They are as follows:

• Did you plan to get fired?

• Did you plan to lose all of your money trading stocks?

• Did you plan to have your home destroyed by a natural disaster?

• Did you plan for any kind of unexpected expenses?

From these questions, you have an idea where I am going with this. I know you probably did not plan for any of these events. It’s a hard thing to accept but most of us live from paycheck to paycheck. You are not alone. Just one major event could take you out. In other words, these unplanned events do happen and they could cause you to fall behind financially. Statistics show that 78% of full time workers said they live from paycheck to paycheck, from 75 % last year, according to a recent report from from It further stated that this way of living could affect your life because of stress.

The sad part is that most of us do not have any wiggle room which is money placed aside for unplanned events. Bottom line you did not plan to fail financially, you simply failed to plan for a rainy day.


Financial plight is one of the main causes of stress which could lead to many health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, asthma, obesity, depression & anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’ disease, accelerated aging and premature death.( https://www.webmd/10-stress-related-health-problems-that-you-can-fix-WEBMD)

A change in finances directly causes a change in your lifestyle sometimes with negativity. Because of the inability to handle stress, you might start drinking alcohol excessively, smoking cigarettes & party drugs, overeating unhealthy foods, worrying constantly, feeling down, hyperventilating due difficulty breathing, confusion, having emotional distress and developing stomach aches and nausea.

Stress could cause all of these health problems, but the good news is that these health issues could be fixed or improved. It becomes necessary more than ever to explore options that could help you to reduce or eliminate stress. In this case, you must take care of your finances.


Financial freedom is a real remedy to your financial fix. Wouldn’t it be great to have an opportunity to depend on yourself and not on others? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to create something for yourself that you could depend on not only now but in the future? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to live a healthy and financially secured life? Finally,wouldn’t it be great to take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate? The answer is yes to all of these questions.

My friend, this is what I did. It is the best decision that I have ever made because it works. I am inviting you to experience something great. It is really a gift. Find out for yourself by clicking on the Wealthy Affiliate banner to the right. Those of you who are on mobile devices scroll all the way down past comments and you will see affiliate marketing explained, click on the banner. Please take it from there- a free starter membership. Your health depends on you choosing the right path. Choosing to work hard to help yourself.  My message is not about being wealthy. It is about having enough so that you can remain healthy or improve your health.


Finally, you should know by now when help is real. Real help is given from the heart. Unexpected circumstances do happen and you have to be prepared because stress if not handled properly could destroy your life forever.

Whatever the financial fix, the real remedy is financial freedom. The choice is yours to accept an opportunity for financial freedom and subsequent healthy living. And now, it’s your turn to do the right thing to help yourself.

The big secret in life is that there is no secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” Oprah

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Until next time, have a great day/night.


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Hey Maxine,

I have been there!  Thanks so much for your advice.  Last year we started to build our brand new dream house with our hard earned money.  Turns out that the project was way more expensive than we could afford.  We are very deep in debts right now and I still do not see a way out of it. 

I know that in a few years time, the challenge might seem small and not so burdening.  But right now I can feel the toll it has taken on me emotionally.  Although I am doing great, I feel that things work differently.  I just pray that I do not get sick or anything in the middle of all this, until we can figure things out.  I know this is for something, although I still do not understand how the expenses of a planned house could be so much higher than initially thought of.  I learned that more budgeting needs to go into such a project.

However, we are grateful to be able to move into our new home within 2-3 weeks, which will reduce stress, because the whole moving stress is terrible.

I am so happy that I found Wealthy Affiliate, because I am on my way to figure out this huge debt that I am living with now.  That is why I know that in a few years time, things will not seem so terrible anymore.  But right now we live from paycheck to paycheck, not knowing exactly how to pay our debts.  That is to change soon!  I have been an active member of WA for a year now, and I already have seen great success, although I had wanted to see more financial success.  But that is coming soon.

Thanks for sharing,


Hi Oscar.
Stay positive. You have already chosen the path towards financial freedom which is a step in the right direction. Gaining financial freedom would give you a better chance of having a healthier lifestlye.

Very good post and it shows the sad reality nowadays.

People often don’t earn to much money, however, it is possible to make more.

Nevertheless, even when they don’t have too much, they always should be careful and save some money because something can happen, unexpected.

Now it is known that money and health are combined to each other, if you don’t have enough money to pay doctors or something else, it is clear that you will suffer lots of ilness, and even could die young.

I will share this post, to make people realize how important it is to think about that.

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Hi Emmanuel.
Thank you for your comment. It is true that not having enough money to deal with daily and unexpected expenses could create health problems due to stress. Financial freedom is an answer to this money problem to improve your health situation.

Boy, you have sure hit the nail right on the head!  I like your approach.  Yes, I could certainly use some financial help right now and I am working hard to achieve my own financial freedom.  It is very true that stress can affect your health, and stress is often caused by lack of funds.  I appreciate you offering me a solution this problem.  Thank you!

Hi Fran,
I really appreciate you giving me your honest opinion. Some people do not understand the importance of financial freedom and how it helps to reduce the chances of health problems. But. you do.

Financial problems and health linkages are very real in these days, where money is valued more than anything. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in order to have a secure retirement income. Although it is only three months since I joined I am really impressed by the training, additional resources and the supportive community, which helps us along the way to success all at an affordable price. I am glad I joined.

This really hit home for me because I am in a SERIOUS financial bind right now and I have no one to blame but myself. I am determined to get out of it, but it is an incredible struggle right now because a side gig I was very excited to start got sidelined because of a very serious and costly issue with my car. Sadly, most of my emergency funds have already been depleted and what was wrong with my car has been the most costly one so far though I may have found a less costly solution, but still will need some extra money to get that to happen. It is not a good feeling when you are in a serious financial bind and I can definitely see how it affects health. Thankfully Wealthy Affiliate is just the place to build a long term business to get out of financial debt and eventually reach financial freedom. How has Wealthy Affiliate been for you?

Hi Brian,
Thank you for stopping by to read and comment on my post. I am happy that you enjoy Wealthy Affiliate too! Continue to work your plan towards financial freedom. This is a real remedy that could help to safeguard your health.

Hi, I really enjoyed your article. It was very interesting. I do agree because I am having financial problems that I can never seem to get out of. I can’t enjoy myself or find time to be happy because I always need to be out making money to try and pay my bills. I deal with so much depression and bad anxiety and this makes it so much worse. I would love to be able to live off the money from my website that’s why I have to keep going so I can succeed!

Hi Justin,
I am glad that you found the article to be enjoyable and interesting. Your financial situation is clearly impacting your health. It is obvious that you are a hard worker. However, working all the time with no relaxation will make you sick.
This is not good for you. Your journey towards financial freedom will be worthwhile if you are able to grow your business to a point where it is profitable. Seek help to do so. This opportunity you have could stop all of that depression and anxiety if you market your website in the right way. My friend, your health is very important. Therefore, you need this chance to be successful.

Thank you for a very interesting post. I think we all need to take a good look at our health situation and see if stress has anything do do with it.Then we have to figure out why we are stressed and nine times out of ten it will be some form of financial hardship. I thank you for providing a solution to the financial situation.

Hi Donnie,
I am happy that you found the article to be interesting. I try to bring information that could help people. The main point of my message is that whatever the financial fix, you should not allow stress to hamper your progress. Financial freedom is a real remedy to obtain a healthier lifestyle.


Very informative site here, kind of like a one stop shop on ways to lead a healthy safe lifestyle. Great ideas and remedies to keep one safe and healthy. I believe you are spot on, when you mentioned how finances can create a world of stress in one’s life, creating all kinds of unhealthiness. That same stress can lead to unhealthy eating too, I am certain the protein Builtbar can help and surely add some health properties to one’s diet. Prevention is always the way to go, the ability to stay in a place where we can control  and keep ourselves safe and healthy. We also know that is one of the hardest personal task to stay on top of. Your site helps the majority of us stay focus on safety and a healthy lifestyles.

Can couldn’t help but notice (I could be wrong) there was not mention of meditation.

What are your thoughts on meditating in terms of creating relaxation and as a stress reduction measure?

Hi Dwilli,
Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, meditation is an excellent stress reduction technique. However, dealing with a financial fix requires more than meditation. A real remedy like Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent path towards financial freedom. This would insure a healthier way of life.


Thanks for your article.  True.  Life happens to all and sometimes you find yourself in financial difficulties through no fault of yours, like being laid off or being fired from work or a natural disaster forcing you to lose all your belongings.  Some of the things like spending all your money on stocks or spending on unexpected expenses can be controlled by you, I think.

Now, when you are offered help, I’ll think that you have to decide to take it or not because you cannot be strung to anyone forever.   Being in financial difficulty should not cause you to rather change your lifestyle negatively and resort to do things like excessive alcohol intake etc that will lead to more health problems for you.  I agree also that always take help that is given from the heart that is without judging, without conditions and without a feeling of despair.

It will also be great to have a chance to create something for yourself that you could depend on not only now but in the future.   Wealthy affiliate, is one of the best online training sites that does have a lot of  success stories to be explored.

Hi IAnum,co

Thank you for commenting on my article.

We agreed on most of the important points which is good.

Let’s agree to disagree on how people behave when in a financial fix.

Studies show that stress causes people to behave negatively which stems from being in a financial fix.

They should not resort to excessive alcohol intake, etc., but unfortunately they do and it causes health problems.

Again, thank you for your valuable comment.


Thanks for an amazing article here, Maxine.

It was very well written and informative although your html is gone a bit haywire at the moment.

But I still enjoyed reading the article nonetheless. And, I have bookmarked this page for future reading as it definitely merits being worth a read again.


Hi Kwidzin,

One thing I admire in my readers is truthfulness. Thank you for the comment because I found out about a website issue. This gives me a chance to fix it.

Glad to hear you enjoyed reading with me despite the minor hiccup.

All the best!

Maxine :))

Thank you for dealing with this important topic. Yes, when we live paycheck to paycheck, it’s terrible to have unplanned events come up. 

I know that I should have taken prevision of this. But I feel it’s never to late to start going towards financial freedom. 

The whole point is to make the decision.

Hi Maxine,

I agree with all of the points you made especially how friends make you feel when you ask them for nelp. More than ever I realize the power of financial freedom. That’ why I am going to do better by improving my finances.
Thank you and I want to see more articles like this one.

All the best,

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