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Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner is up and running again. Today, I will share 3 poems that helped me to release stress from my inner self. While working on them, they relaxed me and blocked my path to anxiety and debilitating depression. I share and start to feel much better. My poems are called “Round and Round”, “Defiled” and “It’s Over – Death”.

It takes one sure step at a time to find strength to continue. I used writing these poems as a medicine for the heart. I see life through one, unique eye. Some days, I laugh, shout and cry. Other days, I am quiet and go into myself like a probe. Still, I am happy.


Wrapped round and round
On a bed of thorns.
There my life goes up in flames
Changed in a moment
By instrument of deceit.
Glancing for their own fame
Sparing not the innocent.


On an open podium
Nothing much to say
Exposed, defiled, just mishandled clay.
The shape of sadness is truly deep.
Moving clumsily not wanting to peep
Patching the sides of doom
Wake up, I say from the gloom
Ne’er to see the right?
Only upright you can fight!


I have sung my death song
Once believing that love was true
Never knowing that it could hurt
Like vengeance twirled on a thong
Even referring to all that’s sort
Could never fix what’s already blue
Like claws around my throat for sure
I whimpered gently for no more
Though anguish rises up within
Still, I find a bell to chime.

What a glorious journey it was to be able to write what I was feeling at the time. In 2016, I lost my beloved companion. Also, I was diagnosed with severe glaucoma that required treatments, diabetes and high blood pressure. Then was an awful time for me.

Putting my confusing thoughts on paper guided me to the light which led to better thoughts and helped to reduce pressure that was bottled up inside.

Do you have any bottled up thoughts that you would like to share?

I am here as your sounding board. In other word, I am here to listen and offer advice, if necessary.

Everyone needs someone to talk to about health issues especially if there is a need to release bottled up emotions. This ability to let go is very important for numerous health reasons.

Two years later, I am much better because I accepted my condition, managed it, shared it and won. This is done step by step with a purpose and plan in mind. Purpose is what I would like to do and plan is how I am going to do it. My connection with you is open because helping people to help themselves is my mission.

Believe me, I am here for you.

Do you have something to say about what was shared earlier? Or, maybe you have something to say about yourself? Whatever the case, feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

This is Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner and I am Coco tortoise, your friend.

Have a beautiful day/night.

Coco Tortoise



6 thoughts on “Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner”

  1. Stefan Vogt says:

    Hi, these are nice poems.

    I believe that writing off the soul can be great medicine. I’m not the writer though, or at least I have never tried.

    I have a hard time at the moment too and read on another website this quote:

    I’m responsible for my life, my feelings, and the results from it”

    Now I say this everytime bad thoughts want to occupy my mind and it really helps.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Stefan,
      You are correct when you say writing from the soul is like medicine.
      No need for you to be a writer. This is one way. Reading poems to settle your thoughts is good too!
      Remember if you need to ask some questions, I am here.

  2. Wendy says:

    I love the idea of using poetry to heal the depression and anxiety that exist on their own or accompany a physical disease or disability. Doctors can help with the bodily issues but often ignore the other kinds of suffering that come with illnesses. I want to thank you for being transparent and sharing your own struggles and poems to help others.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      We all need to be free from thoughts that weigh us down and cause many health problems. Poetry is an outlet. It is a natural medicine for the soul.

      Thank you, my friend, for stopping by to leave a thoughtful comment.


  3. Ahmad says:

    Great post Maxine, we all need someone to talk to, that’s true.

    1. Hi Ahmad,
      That is true, we need an outlet for our thoughts to reduce causing health problems. It was good of you to stop by.

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