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What’s The Best COVID-19 Mask?

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, experts have advised individuals to wear masks.
Do you know what’s the best COVID-19 mask?

In most countries, face masks are mandatory. COVID-19 is spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and the respiratory droplets find their way into a non-infected person. But, using face masks is said to slow down the transmission of this virus.

Now, with the shortage of surgical mask supplies, many people have opted to make their own masks. But, health professionals say that some face masks are more effective at reducing COVID-19 transmission than others. Continue reading this article to learn more about masks and how to avoid the COVID-19 virus. 

First, Should You Wear a Face Mask? 

Before we talk about the best mask for COVID-19, it’s essential we begin our discussion from this point. Masks may help prevent large droplets from an infected person from evaporating into smaller ones which can travel farther.

 Although one may catch this virus through their eye’s membranes, masks help cover your nose and mouth hence reducing the passageways for coronavirus. A study conducted in Health Affairs compared COVID-19 growth rates before and after masks in Columbia and concluded that wearing masks slows down coronavirus’s growth rate.

Another study also analyzed the number of COVID-19 deaths in 198 countries and concluded that countries that favor wearing masks had low death rates. So, while they may not completely protect you, masks play an essential role in reducing the spread of coronavirus. So what’s the best Covid-19 mask? Here are the most recommended ones. 

1. N95 and N99 Masks 

These are recommended specifically for health workers for a good reason. They both seal a wearer’s nose and mouth such that very few particles can seep out or in.

Their fiber tangles help filter airborne pathogens. Research published in the Journal of Hospital infection which evaluated the ability of more than 10 masks to filter coronavirus particles concluded that N95 and N99 reduced an individual’s risk of being infected by 94-99% after twenty minutes of being in a highly contaminated area.

 These masks however are for healthcare workers. Plus, they’re not compatible with people who have facial hair or children. They’re intended to be used only once but researches are evaluating different ways of cleaning these masks. 

2. Surgical Masks 

Also called medical masks are made from non-woven fabric and are usually a safe option for health workers who can’t access an N95/N99 mask.

A study conducted in April revealed that these masks reduced the transmission of several human coronaviruses through small aerosols as well as respiratory droplets.

However, it didn’t include SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. In general, these masks are 3 times more effective at blocking aerosols containing viruses compared to homemade ones.

 However, healthcare workers should still access them first before the public. They usually fit loosely and are disposable. Like the N95 ones, they can only be used once. 

3. Hybrid Masks 

These are the best and safe homemade option. They’re designed by combining 2 layers of 600-thread cotton with a different material such as flannel, silk, or chiffon.

 A recent paper revealed that they can filter more than 80% of small particles, i.e. less than 300 nanometers, and 90% of large particles that are bigger than 300 nanometers. A combination of cotton and chiffon is recommended as it offers the most protection.

But individuals can also combine cotton and flannel, cotton and silk, or 4 layers of natural silk. In fact, researchers concluded that they can filter small particles than N95 masks, however, they’re not good at filtering large particles. 

The World Health Organization also recommends fabric masks with three layers; inner, middle, and outer layers made of a material that isn’t absorbent. Three layers of silk or cotton are said to be highly effective. 

4. Cloth Masks 

These are made from clothes such as t-shirts. When a wearer sneezes, coughs, or talks, they trap droplets and help reduce the spread of viruses. 

Cloth masks are easy to make, wash and you can wear them more than once. But, it’s essential that you avoid touching your masks. If you do, ensure that you wash or sanitize it.

Also, if your cloth mask becomes dirty or wet, avoid wearing it. Additionally, don’t share it with anyone else. 

5. Masks with Valves 

They’re designed to help a wearer easily breathe out, but as you do that, they also exhale their germs into the air. However, many medical facilities don’t encourage using masks with valves.

 While they do a good job of protecting a person, the one-way valves reduce their effectiveness. So, a contagious wearer can still spread the virus to people around him/her when wearing these masks. 

Other Masks that Can Be Used 

The Journal of Hospital Infection Study concluded that a vacuum cleaner bag/filter in a cloth mask is a great alternative to a surgical mask. This research found out that it reduced infection by 83% after being exposed to coronavirus for 30 seconds and by 58% after 20 minutes of being in an environment that is highly contaminated.

 Its material is good at filtering sprays and splashes like surgical masks, which can be enough for stopping an outbreak. 

Additionally, while antimicrobial pillowcases and tea towels are not the best materials, they’re better than a single cotton layer mask. They are said to be the best options for those with no vacuum cleaner bags or filters.

 However, tea towels should be highly woven to offer protection. Also, if you can’t afford or access a mask, you can wrap a scarf around your mouth and nose. Although it’s not that effective, it’s better than nothing. 

Concluding Thoughts

While we’ve answered; what’s the best COVID-19 mask, how one wears a mask also affects its efficiency. If there’s a wide gap between your mask and skin, its effectiveness is reduced. 

Whichever mask you wear, you should ensure that there’s no air leak. It’s also wise that you remember to wash your homemade mask after wearing it. Additionally, take off your mask using elastic tags and don’t touch its front.

If this article provided you with valuable information, please leave a comment below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Be safe out there!

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Maxine Georges 

14 replies on “What’s The Best COVID-19 Mask?”

In Argentina where I live there are a whole variety of masks out on the streets. Many cannot afford the sophisticated ones. But it is true that, because we have to wear one, the death toll is low.

I respect the rules but have a hard time to get used to it. It feels so unnatural to talk from behind a mask. And I see there are many levels of tolerance. I sometimes fear that it is potential for division and can only hope once we go back to normal, we can set our differences aside.

My dear Karin,

Everything you have said is true. Don’t fear we will get through this COVID-19 fiasco in due time. This is a journey we have to survive using basic intelligence. Just protect yourself and your loved ones. Encourage everyone to use face masks. Do what needs to be done to survive.

If you need any help, don’t hesistate to ask. Our team can use resources to  help people around the world.

Be safe out there mi amiga.

Blessings always,

Maxine de la isla Santa Cruz

This is really great to see here. The covid-19 has ensured that we all changed the way we live and relate with others. 

In fact, the rule of having to wear a face mask has been binding and the fact that we have seen a lot of substandard products before. 

So, seeing this makes a whole lot of sense here. I value this information in here a lot. I prefer the N99 masks.

Thank you for the comment, Nath. We have to to use the correct facial masks to protect ourselves from getting COVID-19. I use the N95 and surgical masks since March 2020 and have tested negative for the SARS-COV-2-ANTIGEN.

Be safe out there!

Blessings always,


Thank you for the informative article.It is important that when we wear mask, we wear it properly and we wear the right mask. It is really a new thing and most of us are still struggling with this new normal but we have to do it to get through this pandemic. I think the cloth masks are accessible and easy to maintain because you can just wash and reuse.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, Begadi. Cloth masks are useful if you use them properly.

Best regards,


Having read this post, it is really hard to tell anybody out there that it is not important to wear a surgical mask because it is very important and also very helpful to a person to be able to keep safe at a time like this. Your explanation is very well written and I have a pack of surgical masks because I believe it is the safest for me.

Thank you for the comment, Suz. Surgical masks do offer a form of protection in these times. 

Be safe out there!

Blessings always,


Before this year most of us probably never considered ever wearing a face mask. Now it is the norm in most places. It’s only natural that we now consider which ones may offer better protection. I had no clue as to what I need to consider when buying a face mask, however the information you have provided here helps me to make a better choice.

I have seen a lot of people also wearing visors rather than face masks. Do you think face masks offer better protection, or do you think visors are equally protective?

Hey Ray,

Thank you for stopping by to leave a helpful comment. Honestly, although I love the visor as a shield for the eyes, I don’t think that it offers equal protection as facial masks do, because there is a gap and anything could seep in or out. 

Be safe out there, my friend.

Blessings always,


Since the outbreak of the virus, there’s been a lot of things that people are changing or diving into and the use of a mask is one 

for safety. 

It has now turned into a fashion sense to use a nice mask to complement whatever you wear. These masks are really good and they are very protective.

Hey Bruce,

Thank you for the comment. There is nothing wrong with being fashionable and safe at the same time.

Which one of the masks do you prefer?

Be safe out there!

All the best,


Hey Leikwon,
Glad to see you here leaving a much appreciated comment.

Wearing facial masks have changed our lives, right?

But, we to use them for protection from COVID-19.

What are your biggest challenges using masks on St. Croix?

Be safe out there neighbor.

All the best,

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