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Are Colon Polyps Cancerous?

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Hey Everyone,

Are Colon Polyps Cancerous? Colon Polyps are tiny growths in the lining of the colon that are detected by a process referred to as a colonoscopy . A physician called a gastroenterologist performs this procedure. If allowed to grow into larger polyps, they could become cancerous which is not very good for your health.

Early screening is advised at age 50 to find them at an early stage to reduce the progression towards a pre-cancerous stage.

We will briefly talk about what happens when they are found, factors you should focus on to reduce the likelihood of re-occurrences, what symptoms you should be looking for and my personal experience dealing with colon polyps. 

Let’s move forward to gain a better understanding.


When colon polyps are isolated, they are removed and tissue samples are sent to be evaluated by a pathologist in a professional laboratory like Health Labs to determine whether they are benign or malignant. A follow up visit to your physician will be scheduled to discuss the case results when they are ready.

Based on the results, your physician will provide you with the appropriate plan of care necessary to maintain your health moving forward. If the results are negative, benign tissues, then you won’t have to do another screening until the next 5 to 10 years. You still need to be monitored just to make sure they don’t come back again. 

Now, if the results are positive, malignant tissue, and depending on whether they are large polyps you may have to get chemotherapy and  complete another colonoscopy in about 3 years. Also, you need to change to a healthy lifestyle.


There are no real specified symptoms of colon polyps, but if you have hemorrhoids that cause rectal bleeding coupled with pain and irregular bowel movements, you should get yourself checked  out as soon as possible.

You physician will order 2 or more fecal tests as a process of elimination. However, if the tests are positive, then you will have to get a  colonoscopy to rule out colon polyps. 

The body gives off signals to let you know that it is in a state of dis- ease. It’s up to you to pay attention and do what is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Please don’t ignore signals.


While reading an article from Mayo Clinic, I learned about several areas you should  focus on to reduce the likelihood of colon polyps re-occurrences. Here are the areas below:

1/   Age

2/  Inflammation 

3/   Family history

4/   Tobacco and Alcohol

5/    Obesity and Lack of exercises

6/    Race

7/    Type 2 Diabetes

( Mayo Clinic, October 2019).

In other words, if you are a 50 year old African American who is smoking and drinking alcohol daily, with ulcers, a family history of cancer, obese and have type 2 diabetes, this is an unhealthy lifestyle. The opposite is better. However if your lifestyle is unhealthy you should get screened.

Most folks do not like to be tested or screened for anything. But, in this case early screening helps because it translates to early detection. This is the only way to detect colon polyps and prevent them   from literally taking over the colon and causing colectoral cancer.

With the advice of your physician, “Low doses of aspirin is sometimes recommended for prevention of colectoral cancer in adults 50-69.”
(WebMD – October, 2019)


Cancerous colon polyps are not a pretty sight. They come in a variety of shapes and they should be removed because they can cause death if left untreated. Take a look at the image in a definite stage of cancer below:

After viewing  this image, wouldn’t  you consider being screened for possible early detection of colon polyps? I am sure the answer is YES.
No worries. It’s a painless procedure. 

My Story with Glaring Red Flags

Have you ever had glaring red flags about your health and just decided to live in denial? That was me prior to my colonoscopy. I had bothersome hemorrhoids and was severely anemic for years. Yet, I insisted nothing was wrong.

Fortunately, I gained the courage to just go and get tested for “whatever they might find.”  I knew nothing was wrong. My family history with breast, lung and ovarian cancers had nothing to do with me. I had an answer for everything. But, I needed to be sure about my status one day out of the blue because then I was 54, African American and also suffering with Type 2 diabetes.

Well, I was rudely awakened when after a routine screening 3 small colon polyps were isolated and removed.  They were discovered to be benign which was a blessing. 

Just imagine if I didn’t do the colonoscopy,  they could have progressed further and cause problems for me later in life. I chose to take care of my health and won that time. Therefore, I made a solemn promise never to have that kind of attitude again when it involves my health.

That’s why I am encouraging everyone who are at least 50 years old to go for early screening because you can not prevent colectoral cancer unless you are screened.

Concluding Thoughts 

Are Colon Polyps Cancerous? Yes, if they are not removed and allowed to develop to a pre-cancerous stage. Regular screening can help to determine if they are present in the first place and save you from problems in the long run. 

We discussed important factors to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrences of polyps, if detected.  Paying attention to body signals is imperative to maintain your health. 

It is  is not only encouraged to have early screening but also to have a lifestyle that is healthy. Always remember that prevention is certainly better than finding a cure. 

Here’s a health tip for good nutrition:

• Cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline environment.  So, start eating alkaline foods.

Get Screened For Colon Polyps And Save Yourself From colon cancer.

Thank you for reading with me today. If this article is useful, you may leave a comment below. 

To good health,

Maxine 🙂

20 replies on “Are Colon Polyps Cancerous?”

Hey everyone,

Early detection is the best treatment for colon polyps.

After reading this article, please share it to everyone in your circle.

Saving lives is profound responsibilty and that’s how we truly help others.

Let’s get screened for colon poylps and prevent colectoral cancer.

M. Georges

Good Morning Maxine,

The old saying, you are what you eat is especially true in modern times.

We have turned away from natural foods and our health is in decline.
You are right in saying that cancer does not like alkaline. Men-made foods are normally acidic and cancer loves this dirty environment.

A good detox, perhaps a fasting cure will clean the body so it can battle cancer. We have to get rid of inflammation so our immune system is strong.

Many people feel shy to talk about these things and that is why your post is so important.

Regards, Taetske

Good morning Taetske,

Unfortunately, the things people are shy to talk about or refuse to deal with oftentimes lead to their decline.

Probably, they do not know that death is final and that certain diseases are fatal.

It is better to prevent a disease rather trying to cure it.

For this reason, getting screened for colon polyps is necessary.

Also, people need to understand keeping the inner body environment is just as important as the outer body environment.

Eating alkaline foods is a step in the right direction in our fight against cancer because cancerous cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Your positive comment is a source of enlightenment and I thank you for it.

I will be talking much more on this topic in future articles.

Here’s to good health and success.

Blessings always,
Maxine 🙂

I agree that colonoscopy screening is very important. Unfortunately, so many people hear stories about how terrible they are. I didn’t have a problem at all (either with prep or the procedure). Just remember to follow doctors instructions exactly with the prep, take the evening off and make it as stress free as possible.

Hey Cynthia,

Yes, getting a colonoscopy is very important because you may be saving your life.

Folks need to disregard the terrible stories told and find out for themselves.

From my experience, the procedure is painless and you must follow directions to receive accurate results.

Maxine 🙂

The colonoscopy is quite a painless and simple checkup, but I’ve seen many men make a frowny face when explained what is actually done when they see a doctor about it. However, it’s extremely important that they do check this regularly, especially after the age of 50. Better safe than sorry, and when you do it you don’t need to check for it again for another year at least. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Afonso Zhu,

One of my friends last year tried to encourage her frowning husband to get screened for colon polyps based on standard symptoms he was having. He refused to follow through with this painless procedure. 

He will frown no more because unfortunately he died shortly thereafter. 

What a shame this happened when he could have done something about it.

That’s why I am encouraging men and women who are 50 or more to get screened for colon polyps to prevent colon cancer.

Thank you for your supportive comment.

Best of health,

Maxine  🙂

First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us and I agree with you that the colonoscopy screening is very important. 

Colon polyps can have very bad health consequences for cancer. I have not encountered such problems as following the required procedures but I think everyone needs to have sufficient knowledge and awareness. 

Cancer colon polyps are not a very good sight, so they should be removed by taking necessary measures. 

Maintaining good health should be practiced regularly and bad things should be avoided .I always think prevention is much better than cure. 

Also I always eat alkaline foods because cancer cells cannot survive in alkaline environment. Screening for colon polyps is an important way to protect yourself from Colectoral  cancer .

Lastly, I hope that through your articles everyone will know about important information and will definitely share with you their new experience. 

Can I share your article on my social media to let everyone know?

Hey Shanta,

Thank you for your meaningful comment. And you’re most welcome.

Since I need help sharing this message, please be my guest and post this article on social media.

Best of health,

Maxine  🙂

I read your article, I enjoyed the topic a lot. Your article was very clear about colon polyps cancer. Maxine Thank you so much for sharing this article with us. This post will be very helpful for everyone.

I never had colon polyps cancer. After reading your post I realized that colon polyps cancer symptoms are very common. But these symptoms are fatal. We should be aware of eating alkaline foods and take care of our own health. People with type 2 diabetes should be aware of their teen screening.

I think others will read, and be aware of colon polyps cancer, by reading this post. So I will share this post on social media.

My dear Tasmia,

It gives me great pleasure that you enjoyed reading and understanding this article. Most people are shy about discussing stuff that has to do with hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding. 

But, it’s better to be realistic enough to save our own lives. Bottom line as you now know colon screening can prevent colon cancer if caught in time.

Sharing on other social platforms is certainly encouraged to spread this message to the community.

Best of health,

Maxine 🙂

Colon Polyps are tiny growths in the lining of the colon that are detected by a process referred to as colonoscopy. Based on the results, our physician will provide us with the appropriate plan of care necessary to maintain our health moving forward. If the results are negative, benign tissues, then we won’t have to do another screening until the next 5 to 10 years. Great info, Thanks for sharing.

Hey Harish,

Thank you for the comment. The words are familiar and very important. And you’re most welcome. 

Best of health,

Maxine  🙂

While reading I learned about several areas you should focus on to reduce the likelihood of colon polyps re-occurrences. Cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline environment.It is is not only encouraged to have early screening but also to have a lifestyle that is healthy. Always remember that prevention is certainly better than finding a cure.

Hey Maxine, 

I think colon polyps themselves are not cancerous, but they’re like warning signs on the road to cancer. 

Your doctor can spot them during a colonoscopy and remove them before they turn into cancer, which is great for preventing serious health issues. 

So, keep up with those screenings and trust your doc’s advice to stay healthy! 😊

Early screenings are done to rule out cancer. I was very fortunate my polyps were benign.

There are recorded cases where some people are not as fortunate .

Thank you for your candid response. 

All thebest Jake.

Maxine  🙂

Your blog provides a comprehensive look at colon polyps, emphasizing the importance of early screening and lifestyle choices. The detailed explanation of the colonoscopy process, potential outcomes, and risk factors like age, inflammation, and family history is informative. 

Your personal story adds a relatable touch, highlighting the significance of proactive health measures. The inclusion of a cancerous colon polyp image and a direct call to action encourages readers to prioritize early screening and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Overall, your blog effectively conveys the seriousness of the issue and serves as a compelling reminder to take preventive measures against colon cancer.

Best Regards


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