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Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner :Short Love Messages.

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Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner is here with several short love messages  for our readers. Today, we will share one powerful  video and 3 inspirational poems that will open your heart to the power of love and the soothing  effects of crying.

To begin, please click link below and listen to the video, “You Raise Me Up.” – Josh Groban Cover By Vanny Vabiola.

How do you feel after listening to that powerful and beautiful singing?

Truthfully, the following 3 poems were inspired from that song.

Let’s take a look at each of them, one at a time. Here’s the first one.


Just cry and let go

The river flows

Towards the sea

And that is life

For all of us

For You and me. – Fleeky


God raises us up to the mountains

And make life without burdens.

We feel as if we can fly

No worries, no crying for pain

Just happiness and praises

For the only God of Love.  – Coco Tortoise


Love is so beautiful.

It made me cry.

Love is so wonderful.

Sometimes you are shy.

Love is so powerful.

Truly, you want to die

For the person

Who made you cry.  – Coco Tortoise

Finally, whenever you need to cry a sea full of tears, just do it. It doesn’t  make sense to keep things bottled up inside. JUST CRY. This is a great way to calm your heart while gaining your composure. Also, your breathing becomes easier and peace that surpasses all understanding returns.

Do you have anything to share right now? If yes, please feel free to leave  a comment the box below.

This is Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner with messages of love and I am Coco Tortoise, your friend.

Thank you for reading with us today.

Have a loving day/night.

Coco Tortoise/Maxine

12 replies on “Coco Tortoise’s Health Corner :Short Love Messages.”

Hi, today’s world is so desperately in need of light and can be such a cruel painful experience full of all kinds of traumas . So love is a very powerful tool for healing and for strength. I have used the power of love and seen it work better then being a jerk. In fact being a jerk has come back to haunt me so many times where as love ensures better karma.

Hi Jake,

Thank you for being straightforward. The power of love is so strong. It can change a person with an awful heart to one that is good. Your appreciation is noted. 

All the best,

Maxine 🙂

Crying can provide one with such a healthy release of emotions. And it not just sad moments that can make one cry. I have often shed tears of joy and happiness, but sheer frustration has also made me burst into tears. 

This video and three poems are a wonderful reminder that it is okay to cry, and the “Love made me Cry” poem is, is particularly apt for me. Thank you for sharing this lovely message.  

Àbsolutely, it is okay to cry for whatever reason. Thank you your honesty and I appreciate your candor about the message. And; you’re most welcome.

Blessings always,

Maxine  🙂

Hey Maxine,

I love, love, love this article.

It’s beautiful, the message you are conveying is beautiful and full of love.

The vocals of that young woman were perfect for that song. Quite lovely to hear a female vocal in fact versus the usual tones we are used to with Josh Groban. Beautiful piece and somehow her tones brought a different feel to a song I have heard many times.

Such a loving message you bring, thank you for sharing and lifting us all up with your love and healing spirit.

With much appreciation,

Cherie :o)

What a beautiful comment filled with love and appreciation.  Thank you kindly, Cherie.

Blessings always,

Maxine  🙂

Hi Maxine,

The idea of crying and its purpose is rather informative. Crying is an effective emotional release. Following a crying episode, the individual feels as if a burden has been lifted. It clears the mind and gives you peace, indeed.

Thank you sharing this article, my friend.

All the best,

You’re most welcome, Clinton.
And, your comment is very much appreciated. Simply because some people consider crying to be a form of weakness. Contrary to that misconception, it is a therapeutic form of healing.

Thank you for stopping by, my dear friend.

Blessings always,
Maxine 🙂

Hi Maxine,
After surgery this month to remove a lung mass, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I was in tremendous pain and I was close to dying.

But, God raised me up!

Thank you for sharing this awesome article.

Dean Elson Taylor

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