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Simple Healthy Vegetable Recipes.

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Hello Everyone,

Today, I will be sharing simple healthy vegetable  recipes  to help you out.

Vegetables  are good for you because they are good source of nutrients and fiber.

Most most people do not really like to eat vegetables in their raw state, which retains the nutrients and is better for you. There are some though that require cooking to make them more palatable.

The vegetables that I have selected to showcase in recipes are those you probably would not eat raw like spinach,  broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes.

These recipes were taken from the “Old-Fashioned Family Cookbook” by Clarice L. Moon.

Those selected were tried by me and they are really very tasty.

The only thing is that I subsituted butter where it calls for margarine and coconut oil/olive oil where it calls for vegetable oil.


Real butter, preferably from grass fed cows, coconut and olive oil are very high in saturated  fats which raises the good HDL cholesterol in your body lowering the risk for cardiac issues.

You should always be mindful of what you are about to eat. Taking care to make additions, substitutions or deletions as you see fit.  Remember these vegetable recipes are just suggestions. Taking it a bit further, sometimes I add other spices for a more exotic taste.

Let’s take a look at all 7 of them. I have one for each day of the week.



2  c. chopped spinach, cooked and drained

  2. T. grated cheese

  2. T. melted butter

   1  c. bread crumbs 

   2.     eggs

.1/4 c. water

1/3 t. pepper

1/2 t. salt

1/4 c. margarine

.        Bread crumbs

Combine spinach, cheese,  butted, bread

crumbs and 1 beaten egg. Roll into balls

TO other egg  add water and seasonings

and beat. DIP spinach balls into additional

bread crumbs. Brown balls on both sides

in margarine.  Serves 4.



   1   bunch fresh broccoli

   2   T.  butter

   2   T.  minced onion

1/4  t.  pepper

1/2  t.  dry mustard

1/2. c.  grated Parmesan  cheese

1/2  t.  salt

1/4. t.  marjoram

   3   T.  flour

.  1.   chicken bouillon cube

.   2  c.  milk

     2  T.  grated Parmesan cheese

.    1  t.  paprika

Cook broccoli  in boiling salted water until

tender. Drain. Arrange broccoli in a shallow

greased baking dish. Melt butter in a sauce-

pan. Add onion and saute over low heat until

tender. Blend in seasonings and flour.  Add

bouillon cube and milk. Cook over medium 

heat, stirring constantly,  until the mixture

thickens and comes to a boil. Add  cheese 

and stir well, until melted. Pour sauce over

broccoli. Sprinkle with paprika and additional 

Parmesan cheese. Bake in a 375° oven for 20

to 25 minutes or until browned. Serves 4 to 6.




1  1/2. lbs. sweet potatoes 

    1/3   c.  butter

    2/3    c.  honey

.                Salted water

Scrub sweet potatoes  and cut into quarters. 

Place in a stewing kettle. Cover with salted 

water and boil until almost done, about 30

minutes. Drain; cool slightly. Remove skins

and slice crosswise in 1/2- inch slices. Place

in a 1 1/2- quart buttered casserole.  Mix

honey and butter together. Bake in a 350°

oven for 20 to 25 minutes  or until lightly 

browned. Serves 4 to 6.



2  c. fresh snow peas

.    Water to cover

1.  t.  salt

1   4- oz can mushroom bits and pieces

2. T.  melted butter 

Cook fresh snow peas in salted water to cover

for 20 minutes or until tender. Add drained

mushrooms.  Mix well. Heat through. Drain.

Pour into warm serving dish. Pour melted

butter over peas. Serve hot. Serves 4.



2  c.  fresh tomatoes

1  t. salt

1. T.  butter

1/2  t. pepper

Combine tomatoes, seasonings and butter

in a saucepan. Bring to boil. Serve hot.

Serves 4.



1.  head cauliflower

1   t.  salt

     Water to cover

3.  T. margarine 

3/4 c.  bread crumbs

Soak cauliflower in salted cold water, head 

down for 30 minutes. Rinse in clear water.

Place in kettle. Add salt and enough water to

cover. Simmer slowly  for 20 to 30 minutes,

until tender but still firm. Drain. Carefully 

remove cauliflower to a warm serving dish.

Melt margarine in saucepan  or small skillet 

and mix with bread crumbs.  Heat through. 

but do not burn. Pour over cauliflower and

serve hot. Serves 6


2   medium sized eggplants

1   c.  vegetable oil

2.   6-oz. cans tomato paste

2.    c. water

1/2  c. grated Parmesan cheese

1      3-oz. can mushrooms

1.      lb. mozzarella cheese

Peel eggplant and slice into 1/3- inch slices.

Fry in oil until slightly browned.  Drain on

Paper towels.Cover bottom of a 13 x 9 x2-

Inch buttered pan with a layer of eggplant

sliced. Combine tomato paste and water,

mixing well. Pour over eggplant. Sprinkle

with Parmesan cheese, mushrooms and

mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers, ending

with mozzarella cheese. Bake in a 400°

oven for 20 minutes on until cheese is

bubbly. Makes 10 servings.


The credit for all 7 of these simple healthy vegetable recipes goes to Clarice. L. Moon. In her recipe book, “Old-Fashioned Family Cookbook,  she also has other sections for appetizers and beverages, salads and dressings, meals and  main dishes, quick breads and yeast breads, cakes and frostings, pies and pie crust, candies, cookies and desserts.

If you’re starting out in the cooking arena, it’s really very handy  and quite economical. You should be able to pick up a copy for about $5 from
At the time of publishing, there were limited copies available. However, if needed you can select another great buy.


Just as others use a cookbook to learn how to cook,  I am using these simple healthy vegetable recipes as sn introduction to help you eat vegetables.

Eating vegetables have to start somehow because they are good for you. Bringing them here is a chance for you to get started.  I have done my part by trying to open your appetite for them. You can use these recipes or find others to your liking.

Happy Cooking and Enjoy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below in the comment area, they will be answered.

Until next time, have a vegetable day.



12 replies on “Simple Healthy Vegetable Recipes.”


Thanks for the great post, it was really filled with enough awesome information about vegetables. Properly outlined and explained in details. I can’t underestimate the importance of vegetables in our meals because it plays vital role in our health. I’ll make sure to try out some of your recipes as soon as possible.


Hey Salim,

Eating vegetables is associated with longevity.

Trying them is one of the best decision you can make for the prevention of illnesses and diseases .

I look forward to hearing some results on at least one of the recipes.

Would this be a problem?

Take care of yourself. :-))

All the best

Thank you Maxine for this explanatory read.I’m quite glad that i came across your site today, particularly because i am currently contemplating on the need to add more vegetables to my diet.I smiled when i got to the part where you said, ‘most people do not really like to eat vegetables in there raw state.’, because i belong to that category.I have learnt a few things, i might just make this honeyed sweet potato during the month.Thanks, once again.

Happy cooking Maxine!

Hey Festus,
So happy that you stooped in to share your thoughts.

My friend, I eat raw vegetables also.

They provide the most nutritients in this state.

As you know, some have to be cooked to make them more palatable.

The honeyed stew potato is a winner.

Do you mind giving me some feedback on this one?

Happy cooking!

Thank you for using other options.


Not all these vegetables can be found in my country except that are imported, this way, they are often expensive and not everyone would have access to imported ones.I am not cook connoisseur, so I go for recipes that are easy to prepare with available ingredients. So my preference here is Stewed Tomatoes:) I will try it out.

Hi my friend,

The idea is to use what you have .

Making things easy for you is what counts.

If stew tomatoes is your choice, then so be it.

The simple healthy vegetable recipe for that one is delicious.

Please let me know if it worked out for you.


Have a great day.

All the best

There is a perfect saying that our health status is as a result of the food we eat;  , thanks for sharing simple healthy vegetable  recipes with us. i have learnt alot here.

I always love to check on your blog for inspiring article and this particular blog post is not an exception. I will make sure i take my time to practice one or two of those recipes and get back to you

Thank you Abioye for stopping in to leave a comment.

You are one of my devoted readers and I want you to be around for a very long time.

So, yes practice with these 7 simple healthy vegetable recipes.

Then, get back to me with the one you find to be the most delicious.

Do you mind doing that for me?

Have fun cooking and eating vegetables!

All the best

I’m not a Vegan but I love eating vegetables and I would like to add that eating raw tomatoes is a normal thing to me. I’m currently living away from home which automatically makes me the cook of the house so finding these recipes hasn’t only been healthy food discovery but an answer to my worries. 

 Thank you so much for the time you’ve taken to put this information across and I’m glad that you’ve tried them yourself so I will try to put into practice some of them. 

Hi DerrAd,

What a wise man you are!

You do what needs to be done while away from home.

Used properly these recipes can help you through this situation.

I have tried all of them and they are delicious.

Try them! You can only get healthier by doing so.

Vegetables help to reduce cardiac issues.

Do you mind sharing which one is your favourite recipe?

I will really like to jot this information down.

Enjoy cooking!

All the best

I love vegetables especially when they have been shallow cooked they are the best form food  you can eat that why I love this blog you have provided me with more recipes that I can try over and enjoy any time of the day the key here is to stay healthy and remain healthy  for a very long Time.

Hi Charles,
I have you as a buddy who loves vegetables also.:-))

Keep it up you will feel better each day.

Eating vegetables is associated with living longer.

That’s is why I want all my readers to eat them daily.

I have provided one recipe for each day of the week.

Which one is your favourite?

I really would love to know.


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