Prevention and safety

Think Prevention to Improve Health and Safety.

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It is a known fact that people spend their lives reacting to problems when they could have prevented them in the first place by making simple changes in their daily routine.

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 It is a known fact that people spend their lives reacting to problems when they could have prevented them in the first place by making simple changes in their daily routine.

Unless something is already wrong nobody knows what is going to happen to them, but you could surely safeguard yourself by developing a more defensive mindset.

This would lead to changes that would help you to be healthy and safe. My advice on prevention is to help those who wish to be informed.


Today, if you were given the opportunity, wouldn’t you protect your child from danger at all cost? And, if given another opportunity, wouldn’t you maintain and support your disabled mother?

Finally, if given another opportunity,  wouldn’t you attempt to diffuse a fight between family members to reduce the risks for all involved? The answer to all of these questions  would be definitely yes. Right?

This is what prevention is all about. In a nutshell, it is about protecting what you have, maintaining a specific health situation and reducing risks whenever possible. With all that being said, the most precious asset who deserves to be protected and maintained is YOU!


Fortunately, one of my favorite phrases, “one ounce of prevention is worth more than one pound of cure” is true. It is better to prevent rather than to try to develop a cure for it. In regards to diseases, finding cures for them are costly and at times impact our communities in a negative way.

In reality, when you embrace the concept of wanting to live for a long time and needing to live healthy and safe, your mindset changes. Then, you start to do the things required to achieve  a safer and healthier lifestyle. This is easy and doable.


To implement a change in your mindset, you need to make changes in your daily routine. You could benefit from the following actions:

1) Eat foods that heal your body and not harm it. You could try a plant based diet.

2) Drink herbal  teas such as lemon grass, balsam,soursop, peppermint, ginger,and chamomile just to name a few. These herbal teas will relax you and promote healing of the body.

3) Exercise regularly not excessively. This helps to increase and improve your metabolism

4) Enjoy a hobby to relieve stress, like listening to soulful music.
5) Ask for guidance and strength from God.

By doing these things , the dis-ease of the body should be reduced or eliminated.  My friend, you are well on the road to success!


It’s not hard doing the right thing. Your family will be proud of the changes happening before their eyes. Then, one by one, they too will want this lifestyle and start to follow in your footsteps. What a miracle!!

Finally, I have shown you how important prevention is for health and safety and why changing your mindset to thinking about prevention is absolutely necessary. The change starts with you so that others will be inspired to follow. Trust me we all want to enjoy our families and including these simple activities will allow you to do so.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.
Until next week, have a Blessed day.

Your friend,

Maxine 🙂

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Hi Maxine,
I really appreciate this post on prevention. This is a wake up call for me. By the way, herbal teas are soothing especially in the morning.
Thank you,

Hello Jewelise,
Thank you for responding to my post. I am happy that you received the information kindly. You can check out my other post this week. Please be a role model.

All the Best,

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