It is time to Pay attention to Your Health.


Maxine from is here with you. Are you experiencing any symptoms that are causing you to worry like blurred vision, persistent pain, numbness in limbs, diarrhea, urinary frequency, shortness of breath, constipation and anything out of the ordinary? If so, the time is now to pay attention to your health before it is too late. These symptoms are signals that your body is out of balance and it needs to be rebalanced.


Without a doubt, these symptoms should be checked out by a health professional at a clinic, hospital or private office. It does not matter where you go as long as the healthcare facility is certified and you get your health screening done. Routinely, you will need to have blood and urine tests done. Sometimes, the health professional will request a stool test. Also, you will get your temperature, pulse rate, respiration and blood pressure taken and recorded.


After the examination and the results are in from all tests, the health professional  can hopefully identify what is going on with you. This is called a diagnosis. If the diagnosis is unfavorable, you should not worry. Worrying will only cause undue stress to your already comprised body. It is possible that medication will be prescribed. Please take it to help you feel better.

Most of the time people worry because they are not informed. You will not suffer in that area. For your information, according to World Health Organization(WHO), the ten top causes of death are ” ischemic heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,  lower respiratory infection, Alzheimer disease and other dementia, trachea,bronchus,lung cancer, Diabetes mellitus,  road injury, Diarrhoeal diseases and Tuberculosis.”

You have been diagnosed and informed let’s run along and make some changes to improve your health.


More than several changes should be made to improve your health. You should do the following:

  1. Take medication as prescribed or a highly recommended natural alternative. Please remember that the recommended dosage of a substance is according to body weight.
  2. Eat foods that heal – low in sodium and high in fiber. Some super healing foods are papaya, kiwi, cranberry, wheat grass and dragonfruit, just to name a few.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Maintain a good body weight. Excessive stress on your heart is not healthy at all.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Drinking herbal teas, natural juices, water and fresh air are healthier choices.
  6. Keep yourself safe.

Implementing these changes should help you to reduce the risk of having symptoms of illness. In some cases, the body actually starts to heal. We will talk about this in another blog.

Finally, it is clear there is a greater probability that your health can improve by you taking the time to pay attention to your health, by visiting a health professional,  being diagnosed, being informed and implementing simple life sustaining changes in your daily routine.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below.

Your friend,


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12 thoughts on “It is time to Pay attention to Your Health.”

  1. Nicole Colston says:

    Hi Maxine,
    You are so right that we really need to take care of our health. I really like your tips. I’ll be focusing on eating healthier and exercising more regularly.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      I am happy that you enjoyed reading my post and plan to use some of my tips in your daily routine. Eating healthier and exercising will make you fell better about yourself.

      Your friend,


      1. you do not have to approve this comment… I just wanted to let you know you made a spelling error in your response. it is “feel” – “fell” is the past tense of fall

        1. A typo here and there is no biggie. I appreciate your comment.


  2. Katy Mullaney says:

    Great information! Thank you for keeping us informed and for letting us know what to expect from the doctor’s office. Plus I appreciate the actions that you have pointed out. They are all readily available.

    1. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Hi Maxine,
    Great blog. This is great information for everyone. Too many people experience symptoms and just let them go untreated.

    1. Hi Franchesca,

      You are wise, indeed. People disregard
      Important symptoms and seldom live to talk about them, because they neglected to check them out with a professional.

  4. Udith Herath says:

    As someone who is going into the healthcare profession, I am so glad that you encouraged people to go and get a checkup when they notice their symptoms. A lot of the time people don’t go to a doctor or hospital to investigate their symptoms, which often causes their symptoms to get worse. Not only did you tell us to go and investigate the cause, but you also told us how to take action to improve our health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing that amazing advice!

    1. My dear, you are welcome. Please tune from time to time for more valuable health info. Soon, I will be sharing how to cure diabetes.


  5. Alexander says:

    One of my biggest problems is shaky hands. My Grandpa had it and so does my Mom.

    The problem is I don’t know if they make a medication to treat this, but I am going to ask my doctor at my next checkup.

    I smoke; I know so terrible but I tried to quit and couldn’t – I think it is bad for my high blood pressure so I may start vaping instead.

    1. Maxine Georges says:

      Hand tremors are a symptom of a possible medical issue that requires medication. You can talk to your doctor and get a diagnosis. I would not recommend vaping, because you do have high blood pressure. Be strong and resist, because you health depends on it. For now, avoid smoking, vaping and alcohol. Try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and deep breathing. Please let me know how things worked out for you.

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