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Holiday Season Words Of Caution.

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Holiday season words of caution are needed to help you out. During the month of December,  there is a buzz in the atmosphere all around the world  because Christmas is coming.  Many people are engaging in a variety  of impulsive  activities  that could cause harm to them.

I don’t want you to be caught in any traps. This is why I urge you to regard this source of well intended advice. You need to make every effort to be safe.


It doesn’t make sense to sacrifice your health  and precious  life by doing wrong or making poor decisions whether they are intentional or not.

Here are 10 safety tips you can follow to get you in the right mindset.

1)  Safeguard your health by not over indulging.

2)  Drink and drive legally to prevent runnings with the law.

3)  Shop on and off line with possible account breaches and identity theft in mind to safeguard your personal/ credit information.

4)  Be alert for strangers ready to do bodily harm to target your personal property.

5)  Protect your children, family and friends from foul play.

6)  Be wise in your financial decision because what you do in 2018 will affect 2019.

7)  Use credit  and debit cards wisely to stay out of debt.

8)  Follow safety rules for all Christmas decorations to be installed.

9)  Make sure outdoor trees limbs aren’t touching electrical lines to deter pole tail electrical shock.

X)  Clear your areas of all harmful debris to prevent unnecessary accidents


These safety tips will save you from a world of despair. ALL you have to do is to use them . It ‘s better to prevent something rather having to clean up from a horrible situation .

Also, these 10 tips serve to “upset the traps” that are possibly being laid for you.

It’s better to be aware of the buzz and channel your energy towards providing a safe environment. This in turn will help you to live a healthier and safer life.


Whenever many people are gathered with varied intentions,  the potential for chaos is present.   No good doers use this as an opportunity to set traps, pounce and bring down the innocent.

They take advantage of people being in the spirit of good will and cheer.

The greatest mistake is to knowingly allow them to get an upper hand on you.

Why now?  I don’t want you to step into any of their traps.

I have given you 10 safety tips  to upset them. BE AWARE AND LIVE SAFER!


There are no ways to predict what would happen to you in the future. We discussed  why  Christmas time is an opportune time for foul play. We also discussed  10 safety tips you could use to upset potential traps.

I have done my part.  Now, it is your turn to use my words of caution for the Holiday season  by doing them.

Remember opportunities for foul play are always there and they are  diffused  by people  who are privy to their possibilities.

If you have any questions or concerns,  please leave them in the comment area below.  I look forward to hearing from you. It is good to know what your feelings are on this article because your feedback is important to me.

Until next time.



14 replies on “Holiday Season Words Of Caution.”

Dear Maxine,
you have a wonderful website.
Your content is awesome and you have learned me alot in a few words.
Thank you for wisdom and insights.

It is indeed true that many accidents happen during holiday season. Good to remind us of some essential rules!


Hi Feather,

Thank you very much for the compliment.
It gives me joy to bring a message that you appreciate.

From years of experience I learned it is better to safeguard yourself by using precautions during this busy time.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

Peace and love

Kudos to you for writing such an important post at this time of year. During this time of year, with the holiday season upon us people can tend to be too trusting and thats how we get taken advantage of. I’ve seen it too many times how people end up in a bad way at the end of the holidays and that’s not the idea. The holidays are supposed to make us happy and help us feel closer to those we love!

Hi Hollie Rose,

It’s better to be aware of potential traps, divert them and live safer.

Have a Happy Happy Holiday Season.




Thank you for this advice, even though, we should be aware at all times of the year about the dangers around us and our families this time of year brings more of the undesirables out.  They know that people are happy and wanting to be with family enjoying the holidays making them less aware that they are around to do the harm.  Making everyone aware of this fact and the other dangers that we really do not think about can save someone so much just by raising the awareness level for all of us.  Be a good neighbor and keep an eye out for all of those around you including your loved ones.


You’re most welcome,  Susan. I must agree we need to be aware at all times, but around Christmas time more so 

to deter the undesirables. Love it when you mentioned that. My friend, have a safe Holiday Season.



Safety is always an issue anytime but especially during the holiday season.

One of the biggest reasons I feel is that people let their guards down during their holiday season because they’re happy and busy and preoccupied with shopping and everything that comes along with this busiest time of the year.

Shopping online is especially something you have to be cautious about with the theft that occurs nowadays. And it’s easy to spend with credit cards and get into debt that can take months to pay off.

Decorating is another task where you have to be careful. Sometimes we get so involved and aren’t thinking clearly and don’t read instructions with lights and things.

This should be a joyous time of the year and not a time where not being cautious takes a turn by biting us in the butt.I think one of the best pieces of advice is about drinking and driving. What are your thoughts?

Hi Rob S.,

Without a doubt, drinking and driving legally is a big deal. This applies all year round but more so during the holiday season because of all the festivities. It would be ashame to hurt anyone around this or any other time due to poor judgment. 

The best thing is to take precaution. Be aware and be safe.

Have a Happy  Happy Holiday Season. 



I always want to go the opposite direction against many. When they become too happy, I observe and control my mood not to be too happy as well. If they are not happy, I find ways of making them happy, because I feel there must be always a sentry to alert and protect. 

Thank you so much, I loved your top 10 list but number 1, 4, 5 and 6 are my top 4  

Ngonidzashe, the self appointed sentry. I know precisely where you are coming from because I hod that position many times for my loved ones and friends as well. 

You have chosen your preferences and that’s quite alright. Be Safe.

Have a Happy Happy Holiday!



Hi Maxine,

Holidays are busy for us all and we all need to watch out for those potential hazards. Electrical hazards around the house are critical because everyone is putting lights around the outside. I like to inspect all the cords on all the lights carefully, and be sure all the bulbs are not cracked. I worry that some child may be thrilled by the lights and try to touch something. Avoiding any shocks to anyone is important.

All the pitfalls are mentioned, and we need to be ever alert to keep our money safe, as well as ourselves. Keep those gifts safe when shopping and put them in the trunk, not inside the car. Thieves are everywhere! Hopefully everyone will have a safe and sober holiday! Thanks for all the reminders to help keep us on track!

Happy Holidays!


Hi Lydia,

So happy you enjoyed reading with me today.

Safety tips are needed for precaution especially during the Holiday Season.

Have a safe season and a Happy New Year.

Peace and love

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